Why are the croissants in Italy so tasteless and always too sweet?

I agree with you, I really dislike Italian croissants. I rarely have croissants when I’m in Italy because they remind me of cardboard. They’re usually dry, so tough that they seem stale even when they’re fresh. I think in general Italian bakers are not masters of puff pastry and local croissants show this lack of skills. However, most croissants you will find in Italian cafés are industrial anyway. I also believe that, as a quick breakfast item, they are not considered dignified enough to deserve being made with quality ingredients - I’ve never had a croissant in Italy which tastes like butter… I’d rather not know what kind of fat they use to prepare them. It’s probably the worst saturated fat they can find on the market - have you noticed the fat film they leave on your palate afterwards? Yuck! Let’s admit it though - Italian croissants are very creative. They come with so many different fillings. Why? Because they’re so bad that no one would ever consider having a plain croissant! So the reason why they seem too sweet to you is probably because of the filling (and the amount of it). Lots of custard, chocolate spread or jam (only the cheapest ones, of course!) will help make those abominations more edible. Next time try to eat just the pastry without…

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How can I make a filet mignon so tender it cuts with a fork? The first one I ever had was like that and none since.

The Filet Mignon is one of the most tender (if not THE most tender) cuts in the whole “steak family.” But, there are TWO ways to make even MORE tender if you really want to take the time. METHOD ONE - SOUS VIDE PLUS REVERSE SEAR Now the first way would be to do a combination SOUS-VIDE with a REVERSE SEAR. Basically put, you’re going to be shooting for a perfect 135°F/57.2°C medium-rare Filet Mignon that will be as close to “you can cut it with a fork” as can be. You’re going to need a Sous-Vide Circulator, but prices have dropped on basic models for as little as $49 US / $69 CDN, which makes it absolutely perfect. Here’s what I would do: Add KOSHER SALT and pepper liberally onto the Filets.Put the Filets into a SOUS-VIDE safe bag with some springs of rosemary and thyme, slices of garlic and several pads of BUTTER or GHEE. Seal it up.SOUS-VIDE for 2–3 hours at 125°F/51.67°C. The lower temp is deliberate.HEAT UP that grill or pan to get it HOT. I’m talking 450+°F/232.2+°C temperatures hot just before you’re about to take the steaks from the sous vide and open them. You’re going to need a HIGH SMOKE TEMP oil. I like using avocado oil.Take it out and SEAR the meat for about 1 minute…

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How do restaurants remove the papery outer skin of onions and shallots? There must be a quick way to do it.

In restaurants and at my home we generally don't bother with just the dried skin of an onion or a shallot. The process of getting just the papery skins off is far too fussy and time consuming. Here's how the pros do it.. First off, the onions live in the veggie drawer in my fridge. This chills the onions, keeps them from sprouting, and most importantly shrinks the cells of the onion so it sprays less onion juice into the air.. No more tears! Next, we take a SHARP knife (meaning sharp enough to cut just by pushing down on the blade a bit) and run it over the steel to make sure of the edge. Note that the sharp edge of the knife, at rest, is always placed AWAY from the body working with the knife. This is so that when you go to scrape the chopped ingredients off the cutting board, you don't accidentally slice your hand. Anywho.. we take that sharp knife and cut the top off the onion. Then we take the root off Then we set the onion on its nose and whack it in half Next we slide a thumb between the first full layer of skin and the rest of the onion and pop it off. Now.. why the first FULL layer? See that thin spot in the…

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Which dishes worldwide are the true test of a chef’s ability?

I’ve had quite a few chats over the years with some chefs over wine and food. And I remember one interesting night when they told me for most of them what was the very first dish they had to show that they knew a bit about cooking and not just some wannabe. You see, restaurants don’t test cooks or chefs by what grandiose signature dish that a person can make like in Masterchef. What REALLY tests a chef’s abilities is doing the very BASICS PERFECTLY. As such, you’ll be surprised by how simple the true tests are. EGGS. Virtually every one of them have told me that they had to make an egg as a test of their skills. For some it was to make the perfect omelet. For others it was making the perfect soft poached egg. (from Flikr) FISH. Roasting fish is difficult to get right. Fish is a pretty delicate meat, and it’s a thin line between a moist, flavorful, flaky fish and a tough, dry piece of fish jerky. (from Prima) HOLLANDAISE. This is one of those really tricky sauces. Not many restaurants even make it unless they do a regular breakfast trade. Is the heat too high? Now the egg yolks are curdling and the sauce has a grainy mustard like look and texture. Sauce split? Well, the fat has separated and the…

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Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes best bug repellent

 Mosquito is the name of a painful insect, small in size.  Many people are deprived of sleep at night due to the pain of this painful insect.  And just sleep at night, even during the day now there is no protection from the pain of mosquitoes.  Even so, the anxiety would be less.  But in addition to suffering, they also spread various deadly diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, filariasis.  Although there are various types of sprays, liquidators, coils, incense, etc. available in the market today to repel mosquitoes.  However, it is not possible to drive away mosquitoes in any of them.  On the contrary, our health is being severely damaged as a result of excessive use of these chemicals.  As a result, it has become very important to find a natural way to get rid of mosquitoes.  So let's not know about the effective ways to repel mosquitoes in a natural way.Natural ways to repel mosquitoesCamphor Camphor  Camphor is an effective way to repel mosquitoes in a natural way.  Mosquitoes cannot tolerate the pungent smell of camphor at all.  As a result camphor will help get rid of mosquitoes around your house or apartment.  To do this, place a 50 gram camphor tablet in a small bowl filled with water and place the bowl with the camphor in the corner of the room. …

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BioFit Reviews – Does BioFit Probiotic Really Work for Restoring a Healthy Gut?

BioFit Reviews Biofit, a product launched with the aim of addressing maximum GI concerns, has now become fashionable people that have lost hope of any similar product during this category. it's designed to attenuate the discomfort caused by an unhealthy bowel caused by the loss of the bacteria naturally present within the alimentary canal. With a reasonable cost and a mixture of seven bacteria as its main ingredients, Biofit is safe and a healthy product of choice. Get Biofit at the most cost effective price. BioFit Probiotic Review Biofit basically works as a pro-biotic that restores the great bacteria present within the gut. With years of consistent use of antibiotics and therefore the consumption of food, the amount of normal microbiomes within the intestine tends to decrease. This results in variety of problems including abnormal GI movement and weight gain, among other things. To remedy this problem, Biofit 7 introduces bacteria into the intestines in order that the intestines can still digest food efficiently. Must See: Diet BREAKTHROUGH Supporting Weight Loss Reveal. Why not other similar products on the market? A large number of comparable products available within the market only provide temporary relief, mostly until the symptoms of GI problems are gone. They fail to succeed in the basis explanation for the issues present within the gut. Therefore, they need to be reused as…

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BioFit Review 2021 update

BioFit probiotic is one among the foremost popular weight loss formulas targeting your health to guard you from obesity, high vital sign, diabetes, and heart condition. consistent with its official website, it's a mix of probiotics that rebalances the microorganism and removes the harmful bacteria and toxins from the body. This probiotic supplement is currently purchasable at a reduced price on gobiofit com. Weight loss may be a healthy decision to guard an individual from lifelong diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart condition, high vital sign, etc. Choosing a weight loss plan, however, isn't as easy because it looks as most are different and their dietary needs can also be variable. this is often why some people never reduce despite the favored diets. The weight loss caused by hunger is neither healthy nor helpful, especially if you're trying to find long-term results. an efficient weight loss strategy should address the issues that determine weight gain, also as other risk factors for obesity like inflammation, stress, and toxin damage. one among these strategies are often the utilization of BioFit probiotics. BioFit Review 2021 update BioFit may be a natural nutritional formula specially formulated for people that are unable to reduce. it is a mixture of selective probiotics that are usually required for maintaining good metabolic health. Because metabolism affects all body functions, it's indirectly expected that the utilization of those probiotics will improve an individual's overall health and quality of life. When…

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Why do my succulents die so quickly?

Why do my succulents die so quickly? I’ve tried waiting to water them and I’ve tried watering them when I first get them. The only way that I water them is by sitting them in a small amount of water and letting them absorb the amount they need You are killing them with water. Succulents, even bromiliads, orchids snake plants ( mother in law tongue) do not need water, it rots their roots very quickly. Most grow naturally on rock, pure sand, attached to trees, in very well draining, low nutrient media. If you want succulents, throw them in small gravel, or pure sand, then put in a well lit window, full sun or participate sun, based on light needs, and then ignore for a couple months. If you want to have plants to fiddle with, over care for etc, get needy plants that require frequent water, fertilizer and trimming. I have mine in all areas, I never actually water them. They get rain if it rains, they may get mist or splashes, when I water around them, and humidity does the rest. When my friend who has a huge property trims/digs up back her snake plants, bromiliads, succulents, etc, she just lays piles all over in the sun, it could be weeks before I get over there and they are all fine,…

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What are the most interesting seals?

What are the most interesting seals? The seal family might seem rather homogeneous at first glance, but if you take a closer look at its various species it becomes a lot more diverse. Here are the ones which stand out the most, to me at least. Leopard seals. This one’s an obvious choice. The third largest seals in the world (at up to 600 kg), they are easily recognized by their massive, reptilian head and muscular body. What really distinguishes them is their diet. They are the only “macropredatory” seals, feeding on large animals such as seabirds, penguins, and other seals - even young elephant seals! Ironically, they sometimes also feed on microscopic krill. The leopard seal is the only seal species known to have killed a human (a British scientist, in 2003). Elephant seals. There are two species of elephant seal - one in southern waters, the other on North America’s Pacific coast. The former is actually the world’s largest carnivoran, with the largest males weighing in around 4,000 kilograms. Females are much smaller, as both species are highly sexually dimorphic. The males also possess a large, trunk-like proboscis which has the incredible function of recycling the moisture which they exhale; it’s like a biological version of the Fremen stillsuits in Dune. Southern elephant seals are also the deepest-diving seals, sometimes venturing more than 1.5 km…

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Since birds and dinosaurs are related, is it possible that some dinosaurs were as smart as corvids or parrots?

I’m sure you’ve gotten the “birds are dinosaurs” spiel several times over at this point, so I’ll spare you another, and assume you’re referring to non-avian dinosaurs specifically. The closest thing we have to a way of measuring the intelligence of extinct animals (and it’s still not very close at all) is by determining their encephalization quotient, or EQ. It’s a common misconception that this is just the ratio of brain mass to body mass - it’s a little more complicated. It should come as no surprise that different animals have different sized brains. It’s also fairly intuitive that a brain of any given size would be more impressive in a very small animal than a very large one, since it takes up a higher proportion of the body. That’s certainly true - to a certain degree. If you sort animals by their brain-to-body mass ratio, it quickly becomes clear that this figure alone correlates little with intelligence. Tiny invertebrates like snails often rival primates, mice and men are similar, and the highest ranked animals are small birds. This is because of the square cube law, a very important concept in biology. If I explained it fully, this answer would become an exhaustive novella, but long story short - brain size does not scale in a linear pattern. The larger an animal gets, the…

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What was the most elaborate meal you have ever cooked and why?

For Easter this past year, due to the pandemic, we were stuck at home without family. So I wanted to make it special. (Little did I know it would be the first of many holidays at home without extended family.) This seemed like a good opportunity to try out some delicious-sounding Martha Stewart recipes I’d been bookmarking. For breakfast, we had a spring asparagus frittata & the kids made “Empty Tomb” biscuits. Then we skipped lunch & had a big dinner around 4:30. As an appetizer, we had beautiful multi-colored carrots with a homemade lemon thyme dip. For the meal, I made grilled zucchini salad with a lemon tahini dressing, steamed & buttered snap peas, and a gorgeous piece of Beet & Dill Roasted Wild Salmon over a bed of potatoes. For dessert, I made ahead (it took a couple of days) a Neapolitan Ice Cream cake (strawberry, vanilla & pistachio). Everyone seemed to enjoy it all, but then they are a super easy crowd (hubs + 3 little boys ages 3, 5 & 7). But I think I enjoyed it the most. I knew what had gone into making it. 

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6 Quick Self-Care Tips for Moms to Relax at Home

Whether you’re a brand-new mom or an experienced “chief chaos coordinator,” you need to relax and have some “me” time on a regular basis. It’s not only essential for your own mental and physical health, it’s essential for your kids as well. A stressed-out mom leads to stressed-out kids, whereas implementing healthy behaviors provides a healthy pattern for your kids to follow. Join us as we cover six self-care tips for moms that you can practice in the comfort of your home. 1. Take a Nap with Your Kids As a caretaker, it becomes way too easy to be busy taking care of everyone else (washing the peed-on clothes, sweeping the floor, preparing educational activities, organizing the husband) that we sometimes forget that we need to think about taking care of ourselves. If you’re an early riser or late-night over-achiever who likes to smash through your checklist after everyone else has gone to bed, give yourself a good half hour to nap with your kids during the day.  Napping with kids can be something of a guilty pleasure — wasting half an hour of precious daylight (what?!) — but sometimes a few winks and delicious baby/toddler snuggles can help you recharge for a kick-ass afternoon and evening. If you’re breastfeeding a little one, napping together can be a good way to get some…

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Habits of a Happy Stay at Home Mom

Carolyn Jackie is back to share some amazing wisdom about how to find grace as a stay at home mom. I found her advice helpful as a work at home mom too!  We’ve all heard the saying, ‘happy mom, happy baby’. But how often does that feel like a ‘moody, exhausted and drained mom, trying to keep a happy baby’? Though it may feel impossible, these habits of a happy stay at home mom will help you to find joy in what may feel like a tiring and mundane lifestyle! Whether you are new to staying at home with your children, or you have been doing this for a while and have simply run out of steam, this article is for you! These simple habits will help you to change your mindset and help you to actually enjoy each day you spend at home with your children. You’ll be happier, and in turn, so will everyone around you – win-win! Research has actually shown that a mother’s mood can directly affect her child’s mood. Even worse, it can also increase the likelihood of problems, such as hyperactivity, aggressiveness, and anxiety in children! This is no surprise either, as a stay at home mom, you’re the one person that your little one sees ALL THE TIME! We want them to see us cheerful, laughing…

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What is a Birth Plan? And Why You Need One

I’m sure you can agree that giving birth to your little one will be one of the most significant moments in your life! It is something that you will never forget. So of course, you want everything to go smoothly and the way you imagined. While it’s impossible to plan for the unexpected and you remain somewhat flexible, having a general plan (like a birth plan!) can be a game changer when you’re preparing for labor.  If you don’t know what a birth plan is and you are now pacing and thinking “but what is a birth plan? I don’t have one!”. Don’t worry, mama, I’ve got out! I remember when I had my 10-week appointment with my daughter and the nurse asked me what my birth plan was and I stared at her blankly. I was still wrapping my head around pregnancy and trying to survive morning sickness– so I had absolutely NO idea ha.  A birth plan can = peace of mind For now, it is enough for you to know that a birth plan can help you to decide on the most relevant questions regarding the process of labor and delivery. So when the time comes, you can focus on giving birth to your baby instead of worrying about making important decisions- because, to be honest, no one can focus or…

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Balcony plants Mint Leaves Turning Yellow? Rescue Your Plants Today!
balcony plants Mint Leaves Turning Yellow

Balcony plants Mint Leaves Turning Yellow? Rescue Your Plants Today!

Balcony plants Mint Leaves Turning Yellow Mint has a well-deserved reputation for being a hardy, easy-to-grow herb. In fact, it spreads so readily that it can quickly become an invasive pest plant that takes over a whole garden of Balcony plants! But that doesn’t mean mint is immune from problems that can cause yellowed, sickly-looking foliage and stunted growth. In this article, you’ll learn about 6 reasons for mint leaves turning yellow: Too much moistureUnder-wateringInsufficient sunlightInsect attacksNutrient deficienciesFungal or viral plant diseases You’ll also find out what you can do to bring back that healthy green color. Let’s get to it and rescue your plants! 1. Too Much Moisture This can occur for mint plants growing either in containers or in the ground.  With potted mint, there are two possible issues: You’re being overly generous in your wateringYour pot has insufficient or blocked drainage If you’re growing mint in the ground, the real issue is likely not your watering habits but rather your soil quality. Clay is an absorbent material that readily retains moisture. If your soil has a high clay content, the water gets trapped in the shallow soil instead of draining downwards. Thus, your mint plant’s root system stays surrounded by water. Whatever the situation, too much moisture can lead to three serious problems: Starvation. Your plant can’t absorb nutrients from the soil.Suffocation. Plants…

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