10 Best Vegetables for Small Space Gardening

10 Best Vegetables for Small Space Gardening

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In this article, you are going to see 10 best vegetables for a small space garden and most of these plants can easily grow in containers whereas some grow vertically and some grow horizontally. The fruits of your labor will be just picked fresh and will add tasty goodness to all your summer meals, the best part is you can make a big dent in your grocery bill as a bonus.


Try to plant cherry tomatoes to get gobs of tomatoes in compact clusters. Tomatoes do well in containers on a patio or deck, make sure to place them in a sunny spot where it gets maximum 6 hours of sunlight and don’t forget to water it regularly.


Cucumber plants try to climb while growing, so they don’t need enough space and you end up with more cukes than you can pick, pickle, and give away. Choose bush or compact varieties to grow in containers.


Bell peppers grow well indoors and outdoors. Even small pepper varieties also do well in containers. Just tuck them in landscaping where they look ornamental or grow them in pots on your patio.


Beets are one of those easy vegetables to grow especially in small spaces. Plant them in small pots and you eat beet greens early in the season and then actual beets later in the season.


There are many types from scarlet to Russian or curly green to Tuscany which grow well in pots and containers. If you harvest few leaves off from each plant rather than stripping the plant tree it will produce more leave and keep on giving you more and more throughout the year. Sow seed spring in autumn to harvest mature kale within 50-60 days.


Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow in small spaces, you can grow them indoors in the winter and outdoors from spring through autumn. You can even maximize space by planting herbs with your edible flowers.
Choose the best herbs such as basil, chives or parsley which are easy to grow and also works great for small spaces.


Eggplants also work perfect for small spaces, this is one of those wonderful vegetables that work perfectly for heartier meals.

They grow well in containers and pots, but you must choose larger containers for their healthy growth. You can grow them inside throughout the winter and transfer them to your outdoor garden in summer.


Radishes are small, hearty and super flavourful vegetables that can be grown in small spaces. These root vegetables are extremely easy to grow and hearty throughout all the seasons. They grow very fast, so you can harvest them at least once in a month. You can add these delicious veggie in your stews, soups or eat raw by applying little butter or oil.

9. Lemons:

Lemons works perfect for small spaces especially if you are living in warm climate regions. You must keep the soil moist and allow them to experience direct sunlight for at least 8 hours each day for their constant growth. You can also grow them inside in your home, if you have plenty of sunlight.


Avocado is the nutritious vegetable that can be grown easily in small spaces. All you need to do is, pick up the left over seed in your kitchen and plant them in a small space of your vegetable garden if you live in warmer climates. As they grow in the size of a baseball, they don’t take much space for their growth.

These are the best vegetables for small spaces or gardens. Always stick with the plants that yield your favorite flavors or choose veggies you’ve already tried before for your small space gardening.

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