10 Frugal Gardening Tricks For More Effective Growing

10 Frugal Gardening Tricks For More Effective Growing

10 Frugal Gardening Tricks For More Effective Growing

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Love gardening? Here are some amazing tips that not only make your garden more beautiful, it also makes you more productive and creative.

Gardening at the time will make us feel hard, but it’s definitely a gift from nature that keeps on giving. We can consider it as a source of physical and spiritual nourishment or a simple place to relax.

Testing Seeds:

You must test seeds before planting because they have a shelf life. All you need to do is just place a wet paper towel inside a plastic bag and then place a handful of seeds inside. Leave them for a couple of days, if seeds are good they will start to grow.

Planting In A Circle:

Some plants grow well when they are planted in unconventional ways. For example, when sunflower is planted in a circle, you will have a separate area once they are fully grown where no one can see in to.

Use Paper pots Instead of Larger Pots:

You don’t always need heavy large pots to grow your plants, you can also use some toilet paper or newspaper to grow your plants.

Bright Colours Attract Birds:

Some birds love to build their nests around brightly coloured things. Placing cloth strips, ribbons and other bright colour items on a tree inspires birds to nest there.

Over Potting Large Pots:

Keeping plastic bottles or unused milk jug at the bottom of large pots reduces space in the pot and uses less soil to fill.

Using Tools In Creative Ways:

Using shovel handle will help you to mark spaces to sow seeds for your plants. To measure, lay down the shovel and start marking.

Prevent Weeds:

Weeds can be seen in any garden, they grow effortlessly. You can easily prevent them by sheet mulching. Just place a layer of the newspaper as a couple of sheets or cardboard. Next, cover them with leaves or mulch which is eco-friendly.

Hardy Gardening Twine:

Nail a funnel to your potting bench, you just need to feed wine through the hole. Twine will always be handy in this way.

Using Coffee Filter As A Plug:

To prevent soil from the bottom of the pot for larger one, just place a coffee filter over the hole which stops soil leaking from the pot.

Easiest Way For Canning Tomatoes:

Generally, canning tomatoes is a hard thing. Just freeze them in plastic bags. When you start to thaw them their skin will easily come off.

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