10 Weight Loss Tips You Have Never Heard Of

10 Weight Loss Tips You Have Never Heard Of

10 Weight Loss Tips You Have Never Heard Of

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Weight Loss Tips You Have Never Heard Of

In this post, we have decided to explore a rather different topic. It has been doing the rounds in our heads for quite some time now and finally, we have decided to write on this intriguing piece. Today we shall spare a few words on some 10 weight loss advice that are pretty uncommon and most unique. You Have Never Heard Of

We shall try to highlight some weight loss hacks that aren’t quacks; no matter how unconventional and bizarre they may sound – these actually work – and they get the desired results. So, without wasting any further time, let us get right to it.

10 Weight Loss Tips You Have Never Heard Of

1. Do not rely on calorie counting app: This must come as a surprise to most of you, but studies have shown how beneficial it is to remove these calorie apps from your smartphones. It has come to the attention of researchers that over-dependence on such digital assistance creates an unhealthy psychological bent that retards metabolism. One must remember that our bodies react differently to different types of calories – so what you glean from these inane apps is quite inaccurate.

2. Cut back on extensive exercise regimes: This must be a real shocker. It has been revealed from rigorous studies on multiple cases of obesity that hitting the gym or excessive exercising harms you more than it does good. It releases a hormone called cortisol that makes you crave carbs while it also stores fat in your body. So do not over-exercise- it won’t work. Give your body enough rest after rigorous work out sessions throughout the week.

3. Do not listen to loud music when you eat: This one just might take the prize home amongst the many bizarre hacks that we have discussed so far. It has been observed by dieticians and researchers that when one eats while listening to loud music, it lowers his/her (basal metabolic rate) and that is accompanied by a consequent lowering of BMI which would indicate that your body will end up storing fat rather than burning it.

4. Comedy on the run: According to the latest research, it has come to our attention that if you listen to skits and comedy sketches while you commute, it surprisingly improves your digestion and boosts your metabolism. Truly, laughter is the best medicine.

5. Take care of what medication you take: This is a pretty well-established reason but perhaps not as popular as most hacks/tricks to lose weight. It has been reported by international health organizations that over 10% of cases of obesity are caused due to medication. Some medicines just add to your body weight or work by lowering your metabolism.

6. Reset your dietary clock: It is a pretty well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, it should also be borne in mind that the majority of people have a tendency to skip this most vital meal. This has been ascribed as one of the leading causes of obesity. Having a big meal at the very beginning of the day satiates your daily desire to gorge on carbs significantly, so it just makes a lot of sense to not to skip it.

7. It’s all in the head: This is a well-known yet least practiced of most popular weight loss hacks in the world. It is based on the principle and practice of neuro-linguistic programming which is, basically in simpler terms, to have positive thoughts about your health and body weight. Negative thoughts and depression usually release such hormones in our system that retard our digestion and also lowers our rates of metabolism significantly. Thus, it is best to harbor positive thoughts to hasten the process of weight loss.

8. Drink more water: This is a brilliant and tested hack; however, not quite popular even though well known. If you’re in the habit of drinking water (especially before your big meals), it will reduce your cravings and thereby restricting your calorie intake per meal. Besides, drinking water does improve your metabolism significantly thereby helping you to lose weight.

9. Take to eating on smaller plates: This one is uncommon but pretty straightforward. If you develop the habit of eating in small plates, you would end up consuming lesser amounts of food thereby restricting your calorie intake per meal. This definitely helps you lose weight.

10. Healthy Snack before you hit the restaurants: This hack is pretty neat. If you have to eat out on a particular occasion, there being no other way around, it is a very good practice indeed to munch on healthy snacks like dry fruits, nuts, fruits, etc. before you leave for the restaurant. What happens as a result is that since you are full at the table, you end up eating less and that helps you in cutting back on unwanted calories.

So dear readers, tell us what you think of this most unconventional list of weight loss tricks that you perhaps have ever heard of to date. Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay pretty and healthy my lovelies.

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