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12 Christmas Biscotti

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Anytime is a great time to enjoy a biscotti. Even so, I’ve put together a collection of 12 Christmas Biscotti recipes that has at least one flavour for every personal taste. These make great gift ideas too!


Just a short while ago, I published a biscotti series to the blog. The series was called Lord Byron’s 12 Biscotti of Christmas. It was a series that was posted over 12 consecutive days.

I’m not sure why I do these things to myself or how I get it into my head that a consecutive series is a good idea. As much as I do love it when I think of it, the keeping up with the social media aspect of a series like that is quite overwhelming.


Without boring you to tears, it’s rather really simple. Biscotti is a term used to describe a cookie that has been twice baked. When you make biscotti, the whole thing is first baked in a long long. It is then removed from the oven and allowed to cool until you can touch it comfortably.

Then, the log is sliced into thick slices and baked once more until the sliced edges have hardened slightly. Sometimes, the biscotti are baked standing up. And, sometimes, they are baked while laying on one side, then flipped over and baked again. You can read all about biscotti here if you’re interested!


For the past two years, I have published a series that was 24 days long. It was called Lord Byron’s 24 Cookies of Christmas. There’s now a Volume 1 and a Volume 2. I should have learned my lesson the first year, but I didn’t. You might think I’m a sucker for punishment, but the truth is, I feel most like myself and most comfortable when I’m cooking or baking.

I’m very proud of this 12 Christmas Biscotti series, so I’m placing all of them together in this one post. This way, it will be easier for you to maneuver your way through the series. Also, you can see all of the recipes here on one page and better see which one(s) jump out at you. Let’s get started!


To see any of the 12 Christmas Biscotti recipes, just click on the image or the title of the recipe. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your spot. When you click, it will open a new window and your spot on this page will be right where you left off, so it’s easy to get back!

I hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting Lord Byron’s 12 Christmas Biscotti. And, I do hope that you take a moment to check out both of Lord Byron’s 24 Cookies of Christmas series and the Bundt Cake series too!

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