12 Ways Hairspray Can Improve Your Body, Home and Life

12 Ways Hairspray Can Improve Your Body, Home and Life

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Every day before rushing to office or a party last thing that most of us use is hairspray to make sure they are in place. But, did you ever though it can be used to preserve your favorite drawing?

Below listed are such brilliant uses of hairspray that you didn’t know before.

12 Simple Hairspray Hacks for Home and Beauty

If your favorite leather shoes have marks that spoils its appearance then use hairspray on it and use a clean cloth to wipe them.

#2 Preserve Flowers

We all love flowers, but they die as time the passes. However, using hairspray you can preserve them for longer time.  

#3 Save Recipe Cards

If you want to save those small recipe cards in your kitchen, then use hairspray to protect them from sauce or other ingredients.

#4 Preserve Drawing

#1 Removes Leather Stains

Similar to recipe cards, you can save your drawing from getting spoiled. Spray some of this hair cosmetic on the drawing and you can protect it for longer time.

#5 Dries Painted Nails

Within no time you can dry your nail polish by spraying some amount of this product.

#6 Remove Sticky Labels

Using hairspray you can easily remove glued labels from the bottom of the jar.

#7 Remove Pet Fur

You might love your pet but its fur or hair left over the furniture and on your clothes can’t be removed easily. However, you can use hairspray to remove them effectively.

Spray some amount of this product on your clothes or furniture and use a clean cloth to remove it.

#8 Lint Removal

Visible accumulation on your fabric can be removed easily by hairspray. You just need to spray, wipe using a cloth and you’re done.

#9 Straighten Curtains

Without ironing you can make your curtains look great. Just spray some of this hair cosmetic and fluff to make straight.

#10 Remove Hair Dye Stains

While applying hair colors there is a chance that you might drip some on your clothes. Don’t panic, you can use hairspray to remove it. Spray and washing gently.

#11 Polish Metals

Use some hairspray on any of the metals and wipe gently to make metals shine.

#12 Tame Eye-Brows and Hair

Applying hairspray on comb and brush your hair to tame flyaways and eyebrows.

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