15 Best Plants for Texas Landscapes

15 Best Plants for Texas Landscapes

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Planting the right plants according to your Texas landscapes will not only save your time but also tons of money. The plants shown in this article are superstars for your Texas gardens and landscapes.

Best Plants For Texas Landscapes:

1.Turks Cap:
Plants for Texas Landscapes
Plants for Texas Landscapes

Turk’s cap is a perennial plant that makes it outstanding for shady sites. This plant is originally from south Texas and the flowers look much like hibiscus but never fully open. The colours of this plant range from red, pink to white and mostly attract hummingbirds and butterflies easily.

It is a fast-growing shrub that reaches easily 3 – 6 feet height and drought tolerant.

2.Mystic Spires Blue Salvia:

This plant belongs to the popular salvia called ‘Indigo Spires’. Mystic spires blue salvia produces more blooms and loads of blue flowers touched with silver bloom all season long and mix perfectly with other perennials easily.

Make sure you use fertilizer and irrigation so often, cut back about 1 foot after the first frost. They are tolerant of heat and humidity and rarely bothered by pests and diseases.

3.Chinkapin Oak:

Chinkapin oak is a native tree that grows very tall in the east and remains in the range of 30-50 foot tall in Texas. The foliage looks lustrous, green and by year by year it turns in to pleasant yellow orange-brown to rich brown fall colour.

This tree is heat tolerant and once established it can even stand strong in heavy drought too. This plant also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

4.Grandmas Yellow Rose:

Grandmas Yellow rose has filled, deep yellow fragrance blossoms especially in spring and first frost. It grows up to 4-5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Make sure to grow it in a place where it gets 6 hours of sunlight each day and water them regularly.

Of Course, it produces beautiful cut roses and should be hardy in most of Texas but in zone 6 it might be wise to give it some winter protection.

5.Dwarf Mexican Petunia:

Dwarf produces trumpet-shaped violet-blue flowers and they are 1-foot stems and are extremely showy. The plant finishes flowering for the first time, cut it back about halfway to encourage another flush to blooms. It is adaptable and can easily grow in dry and wet soils. This is a perennial plant that requires full sun and tolerates shade but it will flowerless in low light situations.

6.Blue Princess Verbena:

Blue princess verbena grows well in full sunlight and a best-drained spot in your landscape. You can’t be afraid to prune it either. After the first bloom of fresh lavender, give the plant a wonderful haircut. Because pruning encourages another round of fresh flowers and helps the plants getting the lanky and unkempt look.

7.Deciduous Holy:

Deciduous holly is a small nature plant and fairy adaptable but prefers moist and acidic soil in sun or partial shade. It produces attractive small white flowers and orange-red berries which are produced by female plants that look stunning. After the foliage drops, the tree is covered with all these red berries that persist into the winter. This is a perfect choice for the people who love to invite different types of birds into your home.

8.John Fanick Phlox:

John Fanick is a beautiful bicolour with lavender and pink blossoms. It grows about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide and works perfect for middle and back of a perennial border. When they are planted along with mystic spires blue, it will also make good cut flowers. Grow this plant in moderately fertile and well-drained soil and it can easily tolerate heat and humidity.

9.Cape Plumbago:
Plants for Texas Landscapes
Plants for Texas Landscapes

Cape plumbago is also called sky flower plant because the blossoms are sky blue colour. This tender perennial flower loves that Texas heat and continues its blooms from May until frost. The flowers of this plant look like phlox and attract all types of butterflies. It does best in light and makes sure to prune often to maintain its wonderful loo.

10. Lord Baltimore Hibiscus:

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus is a native Texas plant that grows 5 feet tall and 10 foot wide with bright scarlet flowers. It can bloom from July until frost and once established, this plant produces a wide range of colours of flowers throughout the year. You might have seen this plant near ponds because it loves moist soil. Even though it dies in winter but regrows quickly each spring.

11.Lacy Oak:

Lacy oak is one of the smaller oak plants and reached just 25-35 feet tall and wide. This tree has one beautiful habit, resembling a miniature with oak and a perfect plant for Texas landscapes. However, it is best adapted to the Hill country and cultivated settings in west Texas and this plant is highly tolerant of heat drought and high PH soils.

12.Henry Duelburg Salvia:

Henry Duelburg Salvia is a wonderful Texas native plant and very easy to grow. This plant grows between 2 feet and 3 feet tall and has flower spikes that are 1 foot long and covered in dark, purplish flowers. It can bloom in all the seasons and cutting back the spikes after the flowers are spent encourages the plant to bloom again and again. If the plant is once established, it is incredibly heat and drought tolerant and perfect for water-wise gardeners.

13.Texas Gold Columbine:

Texas gold is a rare plant in Texas and produces buttercup yellow flowers with long attractive spurs and fernlike foliage. This is a short-lived perennial but can easily reseed itself if you allow the seedlings to grow. It grows up to 2-3 feet tall and prefers well-drained soil, part shade, and adequate moisture and tolerates some heat too.

14. Lowery’s legacy Cenizo:

Lowery Legacy is a slow-growing woody shrub that will eventually reach up to 5 feet tall. The silvery foliage is simply handsome and provides a beautiful contrast to dark green shrubs. It produces violet-blue bell-shaped flowers which stand out beautifully against the silver leaves and less dependent on the humidity for flowering and bloom more often when compared to other Texas sage.

15.Belinda’s Dream Rose:

Belinda Dream rose is considered as the first rose to be called Texas Superstar. It is also proved that it is one of the best flowering roses that requires the least amount of care. It grows up to 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide and the fragrance produced by these pink beautiful roses double with a whooping petal count more than 100. The green foliage provides a lovely background for the delightful blooms.

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