15 Best Plants That Bloom In Fall

15 Best Plants That Bloom In Fall

15 Best Plants That Bloom In Fall

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If you love having flowers that bloom throughout the year especially in the spring and fall, then you must plant these 15 plants in your garden to make it more beautiful.
Fall blooming flowers look wonderful in your yard and they typically produce deep jewel-toned blooms of purple, rust orange, and scarlet red.

1.Balloon Flower:

Balloon flowers are blue in color and they also called as Chinese Bellflower. The buds of this plant will actually puff up until the pop open, relieving the beautiful bell shaped flowers.

2.Sweet Alyssum:

Sweet alyssum is a fragrant and colorful plant which forms a lush carpet in shades of white, purple or pink colors. You can easily grow them in containers, or in hanging baskets but make sure to allow the flowers dangle off the sides for that effortlessly undone look.

3.Beauty Berry:

Beauty berry is a fast growing shrub plant which looks beautiful in every season, with lilac flowers in the spring and bright purple berries that last in to the winter.


Heather produces beautiful white, pink or purple color flowers. The green bronze and red foliage also add fun to wintertime too.


Sneezeweed is the nickname for helenium plant and it doesn’t make you sneeze. It produces tall flowers for a great burst of orange, red and yellow.


Amaranthus is an excellent plant that produces gorgeous flowers each fall that looks great in arrangements both fresh cut and dried. Plant these in full sun or part shade for their healthy growth in the fall.


Most sunflowers will keep shooting up even when the weather cools. Harvest them when the seeds turn in to brown or the black of the seed head turn yellow. While growing these beautiful flowers you need to take care of birds just to protect them from the damage caused by them.


Verbena are tiny beautiful flowers with brightening beds and works perfect in hanging baskets or else in party shades. They can even tolerate the hot, dry summer days in the south leading up to cooler fall.

9.Perennial Sage:

Perennial sage flowers come with gorgeous silvery foliage to boot. This flower also gives us aromatic smell that fill our garden with beautiful smell throughout the fall and the best part is, it can bloom throughout the year.

10.Russian Sage:

Russian sage produces beautiful purple flowers on stalks that are so dense which almost looks like bushes of blue. This plant has really long time to bloom that starts in the summer and continues well in to the fall.


Asters are standby plants that gardeners have been using for fall color from many years. They come in many sizes and shapes and spread by both seeds and rhizomes so the best way to grow them is in pots, to prevent them expanding too much.

12.Purple Cone Flower:

Purple cone flower is also another gorgeous plant that works perfect to grow in fall season. They usually look pretty scraggly, so pruning is quite important for them to look pretty and great.


Dahlias produces stunning flowers that make your garden beds look so lush. From honey comb like shapes to fluffy peonysqeu varieties, basically they are endless options. These incredibly easy to grow and with proper care you can easily dig up and reuse tubers year after the year.


Impatiens is small plant with soft and delicate flowers and work great for darker areas of your yard. Plant them in your favorite shady spot in your yard to enjoy seeing beautiful and colorful blooms every fall.


Marigold is a fast growing plant with vibrant orange and yellow flowers produce hard amount of blooms throughout the fall and summer. You can expect 15+ flowers for each plant.

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