20 Side Effects Of Green Tea You Must Know!

20 Side Effects Of Green Tea You Must Know!

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If you are a Green tea lover, then you’ve joined the ranks of the other 2 billion people around the world who are also enjoying a cup of this healthy herbal tea on any given day. Mornings are lifeless for many without a cup of tea and even more so for people who stress more on their health than anything; green tea is a must-have morning ritual for them.

Full of antioxidants, green tea is beneficial for boosting your brain functioning, keeping you young and active, and much more than meets the eye.

It is also widely popular as being an indispensable aid in weight loss. Thus, people all around the world pitch for this most-coveted health elixir.

But do you know this much-hyped health booster of a green tea also houses a plethora of side-effects? Well, you heard it just right! This article shares with you the side-effects of green tea that you must be aware of to make a conscious decision whether to drink or not and if yes, in how much proportion’!2 / 26

20 Appalling Side Effects of Green Tea on General Health:

That Green tea is good for your health and general physiological functioning is no big secret. It is known for its excellency in shedding excess body weight and is good for the health of skin and hair. But then recent research revealed a host of negative effects or side effects of drinking green tea and the disappointment that comes with it is explained below.3 / 26

1. Digestive Distress

The caffeine content of green tea is the reason behind the problems in the digestive system. Drinking green tea might trigger nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, bloating, indigestion and flatulence. The immediate side effect of green tea on the gastrointestinal system is stomach pain and acute acidity.

2. Iron And Anemia Deficiency

Excessive consumption of green tea causes a deficiency of iron and results in anemia. The primary component of green tea is a polyphenolic compound named EGCG, which inhibits the action of the enzyme myeloperoxidase which results in internal inflammation. The tannin contained in green tea suppresses the absorption of minerals like iron from the digestion of food.

Taiwanese research on green tea has revealed that excessive consumption of tea drastically decreases the levels of hemoglobin in the blood. It causes anemia and generally regarded as one of the worst side effects of green tea on periods.

The polyphenolic compounds contained in green tea bind to the interstitial cells and thereby prevent the iron from entering the bloodstream. It results in the excretion of iron from the body and consequent attack of anemia and irregular periods.

3. Headaches And Dizziness

The caffeine content of green tea causes headaches, dizziness, nausea, and slight vertigo. A headache is also a result of the deficiency of iron in the body that is caused by drinking too much green tea. The average recommended a dosage of green tea is about ed green tea as regular green tea might make you feel shaky and cause throbbing pain in the forehead and temples.

4. Insomnia in Infants

It is a possibility that your sleeplessness is the result of drinking too much green tea. The only way of averting this problem is by putting a cap on the limits of drinking green tea. Don’t drink the tea too late in the day or before going to bed at night. The compounds contained in green tea stimulates the Central Nervous System and keeps the person constantly agile.

It results in sleeplessness which takes a more or less permanent form as insomnia with daily drinking of green tea. It has been recommended by physicians to avoid drinking green tea during pregnancy phase and during lactation as well as the harmful compounds can percolate into the breast milk and cause insomnia in the infants.

5. Irregular Cardiac Rhythm

It is the caffeine content of green tea that interferes with the cardiovascular system and triggers an irregularity in the rate of heartbeat, blood pressure, and cardiac rhythm. It results in a serious cardiac problem known as tachycardia.

It is a heart condition that gets characterized by accelerated heartbeat, and a feeling like the heart is pounding against the rib cage. With increased palpitations, comes shooting chest pain, also known as angina. The best way to overcome this side effect is by drinking decaffeinated green tea

6. Hairline Recession

Drinking green tea resulting in the recession of the hairline, thinning of hair, hair fall and consequent balding. It got published in a study that the side effects of green tea on hair are terrible. Consumption of green tea increases the levels of DHT and testosterone in the body which results in damage to the roots and follicles of hair.

The tannins contained in hair result in hair loss and development of split ends. A unique way of overcoming this problem is by adding a dash of lemon juice to the green tea that helps in checking the negative action of tannins and thereby prevent the loss of hair and hair thinning.

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