24 Vegetable you can grow indoors – even if you’re a beginner

24 Vegetable you can grow indoors – even if you’re a beginner

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Home is gardening is the face of versatility. Meaning home gardening can be done at any given area. lot of people think, that gardening needs huge amounts of space. In reality, it is the complete opposite. Home gardening can be done at a small space in your apartment or just beside the corner of the room. All you need is a little DIY attitude. This article is going to list to 24 vegetables that you can grow indoors


  • This vegetable can grow wonderfully indoors.
  • All you will need is some pots ( preferably 12 inches), soil and a window that allows enough sunlight

2.Green beans

  • Most of the people love the appurtenance of it when it grows indoors.
  • The requirements for this vegetable are buckets, baskets m plastic sacks


  • For this vegetable seeds should be sown at a distance. This vegetable survives in winter too.
  • Tough to maintain
  • Looks beautiful indoors


  • A time period of 5 weeks is needed to grow
  • Should be grown in a dark room


  • Needs a sunny setting
  • The pot needs six inch of soil


  • Simple to grow
  • Maintenance is easy

7.Bell peppers

  • Takes a lot of time to grow
  • Survives most of the seasons


  • Needs water and humidity to grow properly
  • Can grow in pots and containers

9.Salad greens

  • Needs a sunny window setting to grow properly
  • Need to be maintained on constant basis


  • Easy to harvest
  • Sunny seating required

11.Micro greens

  • Requirements are tiny pots and sunny window setting
  • Daily watering is required


  • Needs a sunny window setting
  • Easy to grow

13.Garlic greens

  • Constant water treatment is needed when the soil is dry.
  • Can grow in pots and containers


  • Spacing of seeds should be done by maintaining a fair amount of distance
  • Need of sunny setting


  • Need of a direct sunlight
  • Needs a very large pot

16.Hot peppers

  • Same requirement as bell peppers mentioned above
  • Only needs small pots to grow


  • Does not need much effort to grow
  • Maintenance is very easy

18.Swiss chard

  • Needs two weeks’ time to grow
  • Need of plastic charts and containers


Planting should be done with four inch depthnesss
Needs a container or a pot


  • Grows very fast
  • Needs enough sunlight


  • Regular soiling is required for it to grow
  • Knowledge of compost


  • Needs to good pots to grow
  • Needs good amount of sunlight


  • Knowledge of compost is required
  • Needs to planted deep
  • Needs plastic containers


  • Needs two weeks to grow
  • Can grow in pots and containers

Why do you need to grow vegetables indoors?

It is said that growing vegetables indoors can provide you with the peace of mind. Bring in good health and happiness in your life. Growing the above mentioned vegetables can bring a high nutrient value. So you must try these if you have your own apartment

Final thoughts

Herbs like parsley, drill and theme are good options other the ones mentioned that can be grown indoors. If you live in your city, the buildings and the overpopulation can make you feel suffocated that’s why need these saviours. Herbs if brought from the store can be very expensive purchase. Since they are simple to grow indoors, you can try it for yourself. These herbs have the moist basic requirements. All you need is some direct sunlight, pots and containers. The seeds should be planted deep and should maintain a distance from each other.

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