6 Expert Tips for Growing Watermelon

6 Expert Tips for Growing Watermelon

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Experiencing the refreshing and sweet taste of a watermelon on a hot day is something we can’t express in words. In other words, there’s nothing like a fresh and ripe watermelon on a sunny day! Watermelon is a favorite summer special fruit that is loaded with lots of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants but hardly calories. Instead of buying it, growing watermelon in your own yard gives you more taste along with happiness.

Check out 6 expert tips for growing watermelon in your own yard.

1.Give Plants Enough Space:

Watermelon needs lots of space to grow healthily. The vines of the watermelon reach up to 20 feet in length so plant them where there is plenty of open ground. Plant each watermelon hill 3-4 feet apart from the other and plant each row of hills 8 feet apart.

2. Plant multiple Plants:

Planting multiple seeds is a great way to grow watermelons. Make sure to plant 8-10 seeds in each hill by placing the seeds 1 inch below the soil. When you saw they have grown into seedlings, thin them by leaving only 3 in one hill.

3. Watch Out For Insects And Diseases:

Vine borers and cucumber beetles are the worst watermelon pests. The best way to protect your watermelon plants from these pests, use floating flowers. However, those aren’t the perfect solution for these pests and insects as you’ll need to remove them when it’s time for the watermelon flowers to get pollinated by other insects.

4.Water Them Occasionally:

If you want to grow great watermelons, then water them occasionally. Excessive water can damage them, so try to keep the soil moist. When you water them try to water them directly but not the foliage, as that could lead to fungi development.

5. Weed Early:

Once the vines are fully developed, it becomes difficult to weed watermelons. So try to remove weeds early on in your watermelons development just to prevent other weeds from growing.

6.Try To Avoid Soil Contact:

When watermelon fruits are growing, make sure they don’t touch the soil. You must keep barrier between the soil and watermelons to avoid rots and diseases.
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