6 natural ways to relieve sciatica

6 natural ways to relieve sciatica

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You may already know a simple truth, which is that in order to treat the symptom you need to know the reason. That is why today, we decided to talk about something as common as sciatica since we are sure that many people are dealing with it not even knowing that it is sciatica.

Sciatica is the pain you start experiencing in one part of your body, which is your leg in most cases, and then it travels up causing more and more discomfort as it moves up.

There are many causes of sciatica, excess weight, age, problems with the spine even pregnancy. But today we are interested in the ways to help you relieve the pain, not to find out what causes it. So, here are 6 natural ways that can help you relieve that sciatic pain you suffer from.

1 Hot compresses
In order to ease the pain, it is suggested to place hot compresses over the affected areas for about thirty minutes. This practice proves to be very effective.

2 Cold Compresses
As well as hot compresses, cold ones are just as effective. Yet, if there are some issues with your blood circulation, you should avoid this remedy, since it may provoke some, not so very pleasant, consequences.

3 Massage
There is no problem that can’t be solved with the help of professional massage. Sciatica is no exception, and even 15 minutes of massage over affected areas will grant you that desired relief. It is also advised to use pain-relieving cream for the procedure.

4 Valerian tea
If you are not a fan of any of the mentioned above remedies, then you should probably try Valerian tea as a remedy. Drink it on a daily basis and you will notice relief in no time.

5 Acupuncture
You should try this practice as a remedy only if you have a good professional in mind, so that you do not cause yourself more harm instead.

6 Diet
Last but not least, we can’t stop repeating that there is nothing a healthy diet can’t cure and, as you may have guessed, sciatica is no exception.

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