7 Common mistakes in Raised bed gardening

7 Common mistakes in Raised bed gardening

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Raised bed gardening

Raised bed gardening is one of the most famous gardening technique in today’s generation. You may know that raised bed gardening has so many benefits and it provides a better gardening experience. In the very beginning of the raised bed gardening, a gardener makes so many mistakes. Raised bed gardening has a better harvest, less weeding, sharp aesthetics, etc. this is not too easy to maintain correctly. By experiencing all the major mistakes, I am giving you 7 common mistakes what people make easily and also will tell you the recovery steps from those mistakes. So scroll down and see the 7 common mistakes people made through raised bed gardening. And if you are already doing bed gardening but not getting a satisfactory result, so that you can also find some interesting knowledge to improve the quality of the gardening.

Mistake 1: Too wide bed. 

Making a raised bed too wide is the first mistake people make. The raised bed is not should be more than 4 feet wide. The first thing is to remember is that you don’t have to step up on the bed for reaching another side of the bed. 

If you are thinking to make a raised bed in front of a fence, I must recommend you not to exceed more than 30 inches.

Mistake 2: Overwatering :

The second thing you have to keep in mind is watering the root. Overwatering can drown plants root. On the other hand, less watering also causes dehydration. If you are not sure about how much water is needed for your raised bed garden, you can also buy an automatic tool with a smart controller, so that will detect all the natural things related to the raised bed gardening. For example, this smart controller can detect the moist level of the soil, humidity, etc

Mistake 3: Spreading too many seeds: 

Every plant needs space to grow. By spreading too many seeds you are removing the space for the plant to grow. If you are planning to plant pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupes, etc, then the first thing you have to keep in mind is the space for the tree. So do not spread too much seed in your raised bed, this will hamper the growth of the plant. And also one of the most important things to follow for seeding is to read the directions on seed packets. For example, tomatoes always need a good amount of space between the two plants.

Mistake 4: Bad quality of Soil. 

This is also a huge mistake made by new gardeners. Before spreading the seed at first you have to prepare the soil. Test the soil to find out the type of soil you have. You can use the at-home soil testing kit for testing the soil. Mixing the various soil can improve the quality of the soil. It is said that the combination of too many soils will work well with the raised bed. The potting soil is the best type of soil for the raised bed gardening because it drains the water too quickly.

Mistake 5: Using too much Chemicals. 

The another mistake is mixing the huge amount of chemicals to the soil. Mixing too much nitrogen content and chemical fertilizer also decrease the quality of the soil and also the plants cannot grow properly. For example, if you mix too much amountof composite in your soil, then the plant will not grow properly and also decrease the taste and quality of the food. Extremely usage for fertilizer can deplete the microbial ability of the plant which is important for a healthy growth of a plant.

To overcome from this serious situation at first test the soil with the help of soil tester, and then mix the recommended amount of fertilizers. It is one of the best way to mix fertilizers and chemicals to the soil. And it is also the best foundation for your garden.

Mistake 6: Misplaced of Raised Bed. 

To make raised bed garden make sure you have enough room for the beds. Some of beginner gardeners are placed the bed too close to each other. And it’s become more challenging to harvest, plant, weed, and maintain the raised bed from those edges. The researchers recommend at least two to three feet gap between two raised beds. This will help you to maintain properly.

It is also keep in mind that wherever you place the raise bed make sure the plants are getting enough sun light. Like water and fertilizer, sunlight is also very important element for the growth of a plant.

Mistake 7: planting varieties of plant. 

Another common mistake made by gardeners is planting so many plants in one raised bed. One of the best way of variety raised bed gardening is seasonal planting. Choosing the combination of plants are not so easy for beginners. For example, you can choose the tomatoes, basil, bell paper plants in your raised bed garden. You can level each step of the growth for the best result. 

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