8 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

8 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

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Home is a place where we go to feel tranquillity after our busy day to relax and get everything out from our body and minds. Keeping our homes clean and smell great should be our first priority.

For keeping your home clean and fresh you don’t need to buy expensive room fresheners every time. Because here are some excellent natural ways to make your home smell awesome, fresh and clean always.

1.Lemon And Rosemary Room Scent:

To prepare this wonderful scent, you just need few drops of lemon essential oil, rosemary essential oil, and vanilla extract. Mix all these oils in a mason jar and spray it in your home once in a day to smell good.

2.Rosemary And Lavender Carpet Powder:

Combination of rosemary and lavender powder works perfect for carpets that smell horrible. Just sprinkle the mixture of baking soda, dried rosemary and lavender oil on your carpets and allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes. Now, vacuum it up for a fresh smelling room.

3.DIY Plug-In Refill:

If you have a habit of throwing an empty plug-in air freshener into the bin, then it’s time to reuse them again. All you need is some essential oil with a little amount of water and fill in that empty bottle to use it as a room freshener.

4. Cranberry Orange Stove Top Potpourri:

You can even use pantry items to make your home smell good. Cranberry orange potpourri with cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and rosemary gives a cozy and warm Christmas scent.

5.Orange Cinnamon Air Freshener:

If you are fed up of smoky candles, then orange cinnamon freshener is for you. You need little amount of orange oil, cinnamon oil, and water to make this air freshener which smell like fall in no time in your home.

6.Pot Recipes Of Spring Simmering:

Simmering pot recipes are natural way to add beautiful fragrance in your home. They even work perfect for gift giving or you could make some for yourself to have on hand anywhere you go.


Lilac smells great just like a spring breeze which can be easily made with vodka, water, and lilac oil.

8.DIY Reed Diffuser:

All you need to do is take a glass container and mix rattan reeds, alcohol, almond oil and essential oil (lavender or lemon essential oil. Now spray it in your bed room or kitchen to experience great smell.

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