8 Crops You Can Plant in August For Fall And Winter Harvest

8 Crops You Can Plant in August For Fall And Winter Harvest

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Planning is the most important aspect when it comes to gardening and to maintain your yard. As the winter is here do you know what to plant and what not to in this season?

If your answer is No, then keep on reading the article to know those crops which give you full harvest in winter.

There are lots of vegetables or crops that can handle the heat and give you tasty harvest fall and winter. We are going to see some of those 9 crops that can be planted in august for a great harvest this fall. Let’s get started!

8 Crops You Can Plant in August For Fall And Winter Harvest

Crops You Can Plant in August For Fall And Winter Harvest
Crops You Can Plant in August For Fall And Winter Harvest

1.Cole Crops:

This is the first crop to be planted when august arrives. Cole family plants like cabbage, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels, sprouts do very well in the fall. All these plants should be planted with seedlings, and not with seeds. If you plant them with seeds, it takes enough time to develop before the cold weather sets in.
You must plant the seeds before 6 weeks of the first frost and you need to protect them with a hoop house or fabric row cover until you harvest them.


Crops You Can Plant in August For Fall And Winter Harvest
Crops You Can Plant in August For Fall And Winter Harvest

Kale is considered one of the hardiest plants you can grow in fall and winter. Actually kale belongs to the brassica family and it is a very different beast and deserves its own spot on this list.
The other thing about planting kale in the fall is freezing and frost temperatures will sweeten the kale and changes its flavor considerably. Besides being chockfull of nutrients kale is great in a salad or as a garnish too. You must sow seeds directly into the ground or set out plants.


Lettuce is another perfect plant to grow in fall and winter. As it is fairly hardy, there is no big deal of moderate frost and cold night temperatures and there is no need for you to fight against impending heat of summer which results in tip burn and bitterness. You can start planting fall lettuce 8 weeks from your frost date.


Carrots are one of the favorite falls and winter treats. The taste of the carrots often changes with the temperature that takes place in August. These are seriously some of the best veggies you’ll ever eat!

You have to give carrots extra attention to get them germinated especially in august as the temperature is pretty hot for most of us. Cover the plant with a hoop house or a cold frame and don’t forget to water your plant once every two days.


Spinach is an amazing plant to grow in August. Take proper care of your spinach by covering the bed with a hoop house or cold frame. You can harvest small amounts of spinach in winter and when spring arrives the plants will take off and gives you great harvest until May.

Start planting spinach before 8 weeks of your first frost. Just like lettuce to harvest them in fall. The later planting will not satisfy you as you expect!


Planting beets in august will give you the harvest of roots late in the fall. Later plantings will only yield the tops, but still, give you something different that can be added to your salads.

Start planting beets 8 weeks before your first frost and if you try them before 6 weeks the frost will end up by giving you tasty tops.


Turnips are just like beets, you need to start planting them early as 8 weeks before your first harvest to harvest roots.
Small rooted turnips taste better when compared with larger ones and look for tastier oriental varieties.

8.Swiss Chord:

Swiss chard is another wonderful plant where early plantings will give you fall and winter harvests. As a matter of fact, the fall-planted swiss chord will overwinter in a cold frame except the fall and winter harvests to consist mainly of small leaves. You will get an early harvest of the traditional larger swiss chord in the spring season.

Here are some more plants to plant in august:

  • Radish
  • Sorrel
  • Endive
  • Dandelion
  • Leeks
  • Mache
  • Arugula
  • Chicory
  • Mizuna

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