8 Places to Find Free Gardening Containers

8 Places to Find Free Gardening Containers

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Find Free Gardening Containers

Find Free Gardening Containers
Find Free Gardening Containers

8 Best Places For Free Gardening Containers:


You know bakeries would contain lots of containers of different sizes and shapes. So, whenever you see a bakery in your way just go in and ask them for containers. The best part is all types of containers in your local bakery are super useful when it comes to planting.

Food Services:

Restaurants and hotels are the places where you find heavy and large containers thrown outside after the use. They are very happy to give you those containers especially for a good purpose. And don’t forget that they are takeout containers, so make sure to put some holes at the bottom of the container and fill with soil and plant.

Recycling Centers:

Whenever you go to the recycling center, take permission to check out the places where the plastics are dumped. You can also use tin cans for seeding, as they are larger in size and can make great garden containers too.

Lowes Or Home Depots:

Your big-box retailers do have some large containers where they contain mass quantities of plants and hide it somewhere! Try to ask someone who works in the outdoor nursery whether they had any spare container or not.


Dumpsters are another great place where you can find wonderful containers for seeding. Seriously, get out and start dumpster diving!


This is another great place where you can find free containers for gardening. Try to search in the free category and results will obviously surprise you. And be careful while going in the dark to do an exchange and never ever go by yourself.


This is another excellent place to find what you need in your area and its pretty hit and miss depending on when you search.

Your Own Recycling:

Yes, we have many things like milk jugs, coffee tins, cans, two-liter water bottles, eggshells which can be used as containers for your planting. Don’t just put them in the trash after using them, just recycle them for further use.

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