8 Plants and Herbs That Repel Flies Naturally

8 Plants and Herbs That Repel Flies Naturally

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I am not sure how the effect is an insect magnet, but planting herbs that repel flies in your backyard is the best option I can find to avoid the buzzing sound.

I personally like to dine outdoors enjoying the weather with pleasant air. But, I get annoyed by flies and insects that interrupt my feast. There are sprays that keep flies away, but who would like to coat himself in toxic chemicals.

Instead, take time to plant these herbs that repel flies.

8 Plants and Herbs That Repel Flies Naturally

Not just they deter flies, but you’ll love them to have in your garden. However, there aren’t many such plants that are able to repel flies, below listed plants are genuinely pretty and housed with exceptional benefits.

Potent fragrances of these plants help you to keep those annoying little critters away.

#1 Sweet Basil

Renowned for its culinary purposes, basil is regarded as holy by Hindus. Its strong aroma is something that keeps the flies and mosquitoes away.

Placing a pot of basil near vegetable garden can help to avoid insect and bugs that feed on rose.

You can consider this herb for indoor gardening.

#2 Bay Laurel

Leaves of the Bay Laurel herb can be used to deter moths out of your closets, roaches, mice, bugs and flies. Take dry leaves and hang them near windows and doors to avoid flies to some extent.

This leaf is used for its ability to intensify the aroma of your dish.

#3 Lavender

The Lavender plant grows in all climates and is prominently used in aromatherapy for its healing and soothing smell. You can grow lavender plant in your garden to repel flies and insects.

Apart from this, you can treat many skin ailments by just rubbing lavender oil extracted from its buds.

#4 Tansy

Its oil extracted from its flowers can be used as body spray and from ancient times this herb is known to treat digestive tract issues, joint pains and intestinal parasites.

It is one of the most effective plants to repel flies and in 1800s it was extensively used in burial caskets to avoid worms from corpses.

In some parts of the world this herb is regarded harmful species, so make sure to research before growing it in your garden.

#5 Rosemary

Because of its aromatic smell, this popular herb is used in many culinary dishes. Apart from that its aroma can deter the flies and insects.

You can mix it with bay laurel leaves to make it more effective to repel flies.

#6 Mint

Prominent for its culinary purposes, mint is housed with healing abilities. It can help to repel flies in your garden.

But, you must rub its fresh leaves or oil on your skin to make it fly repellent.

#7 Wormwood

Easy to grow in your garden, the oil extracted from wormwood plant can act as a natural repellent for flies, mice, ants and moths.

You can place a bunch of dried wormwood leaves at the door or window to deter flies.

#8 Eucalyptus

Renowned for its distinct aroma, its leaves can treat various health issues. You can find its oil in many over-the-counter products.

Mix its oil with water and use it as a natural spray to deter flies from your clothes and surrounding.

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