80 Easy Keto Recipes For Your Ketogenic Diet

80 Easy Keto Recipes For Your Ketogenic Diet

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Easy Keto Recipes For Your Ketogenic Diet

Yum! So glad I found these EASY keto recipes!! I can’t believe how many low carb meal ideas I have now for my ketogenic diet!! All the healthy recipes you’ll need for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts & snacks!!!

The flat belly diet is a book that is very popular. The purpose of the book is to help you flatten your stomach without any practice. The entire process must be done with the right food. Now, this book has been written by women for women in mind, so I believe that this is not a good book for men, because they probably don’t feel connected to writing. Women will like it more.

The flat belly diet has both good and bad reviews as every popular product. Of course, some people who complain have probably not followed the plan to the letter and are simply frustrated with the lack of results. Whatever the case, there are some things that are not perfect in this book, despite the merit it has. I want you to know the pros and cons so that you come to the best possible decision.

Flat Belly Diet book pros and cons


1. The book is very well written, in a clear language that is easy to follow.

2. You do not need to buy special food or supplements for the diet, so it is affordable.

3. There are several positive testimonies about this book from the many women who have used it.

4. You are encouraged to eat many small meals a day instead of a few large ones, which is usually better for long-term weight loss.


1. As I said before, this is a book primarily for women.

2. The flat belly diet does not include exercise. Often fat loss requires a regular routine of physical activity in the long term.

3. The diet lasts a total of 32 days, which may or may not be sufficient to completely flatten your abs.

4. On certain days the diet prescribes a low-calorie intake that may not be suitable for very active women.

In general, despite these disadvantages, you must remember that many women reported good results with the flat belly diet, so it may indeed work for you.

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