Best 15 wood floor hacks every homeowner needs to know | Home and garden tips

Best 15 wood floor hacks every homeowner needs to know

Best 15 wood floor hacks every homeowner needs to know | Home and garden tips

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Wood floors are extremely popular at this moment. They look delightful and add an exemplary vibe to any room. Shockingly, however, they can be hard to keep up, particularly on the off chance that you have pets or children. Spills, mishaps, scratches, and scrapes will undoubtedly occur, But before you go racing to the tool shop to get all new deck, enable me to out your brain quiet. There are efficient cleaning insider facts to enable you to keep your floors looking like new and we have pulled our top picks together for you so you don’t need to go around freezing since the organization is coming and you three year old chose to utilize the floor like a runway for his metal plane. So slowly inhale and glance through this rundown of wood floor hacks. You may discover your lifeline directly here.

Must-Know Wood Floor Hacks

Fix imprints with a wet material and an iron. It takes a shot at wood furniture, as well!

Put socks on table and seat legs to forestall floor scratches while improving furnishings.

wood floor hacks 1

Expel indelible marker from wood floors with a touch of toothpaste and a clammy fabric.

by means of My Life and Kids

This natively constructed universally handy cleaner is extraordinary for the wood floors, however for tile, treated steel machines, and then some!

by means of Nature’s Nurture Blog

Utilize an enchantment eraser to dispose of floor scrapes.

wood floor hacks
wood floor hacks

through Good Housekeeping

Fix creaky wood floors with a liberal cleaning of infant powder. Work it into the splits until the floor is never again uproarious.

wood floor hacks
wood floor hacks

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Fix scratches with a blend of 1 section vinegar and 3 sections canola oil. I can’t trust the distinction it made!

by means of Restoring the Picket Fence

Make your very own wood floor cleaner utilizing basic family fixings. No brutal synthetic compounds here!

wood floor hacks
wood floor hacks

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In the event that you have pets, you need these tips for expelling pee smells from wood floors. Mishaps occur, you know.

by means of eHow

Soak some dark tea in high temp water to make a dark tea floor cleaner that will have your wood floors looking AMAZING.

by means of It Takes Time

Not exclusively would old be able to wine stops settle unstable seats, yet they can help secure your wood floors, as well. (See more wine stopper extends here.)

by means of Martha Stewart

This system tells you the best way to fix profound scratches utilizing steel fleece, sandpaper, wood filler and a couple of more instruments. Convenient to know when these different traps won’t work!


For light scratches, attempt DAP Wood Blend Sticks (associate) and S.C. Johnson Paste Wax.

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In case you’re not utilizing a microfiber floor duster, get one IMMEDIATELY! The base is bendable, and it grabs dust, pet hair and everything else effectively. Get one here (member).

by means of Dream Book Design

In the event that your old wood floors have completely lost their gloss, rub Old English Lemon Oil into the wood after a decent cleaning.

The key here isn’t to freeze or moved toward becoming overpowered by your floors. Take it one thing at any given moment and very soon, you’ll have floors that would make the home improvement stars envious. In any case, regardless of whether after you took a stab at everything and by the day’s end you don’t see a distinction, simply recollect that at the present time, scratches and scrapes simply include “character” to a home.

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