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Cockroaches can be a nuisance and also are responsible for the spread of diseases. They are one of the most common household pests and often enter homes through pipes and holes in search of food. They carry germs and can cause diseases which is why it is important to keep them from entering our houses. Pest control sprays and products are toxic and can have long turn effects. Below are the best ways to get rid of cockroaches-

BORAX – Borax makes a great roach inhibitor! It does not keep roaches from entering from house but kill them. Borax combined with sugar works well in attracting the cockroaches. Mix 1 cup borax powder with 1/3 cup fine sugar. Spread this mixture on places where you feel roaches come, make sure you wear gloves. Do this right before sleeping. In the morning, sweep the floor and discard any lying dead cockroaches. Repeat as needed.

FABRIC SOFTENER – You don’t always need noxious chemicals to kill cockroaches in your home. Cockroaches are known to breathe through their skin. Fabric softeners is one useful product that can suffocate cockroaches by blocking their skin pores. Mix one part of Fabric Softener with 2 parts of water in a spray bottle and Stir it well. Apply it near hot spots of cockroaches in the house for eg. drains and trashcans.

COFFEE – Cockroaches are repelled by coffee to some degree. Coffee ground is one of the most effective remedies to get rid of Cockroaches. Coffee Ground is a chemical make up of Caffeine which is toxic to Cockroaches and Coffee Ground is acidic to cockroaches which can be fatal to them if ingested. Put Coffee Grounds in any holes and cracks in windows and floor skirting that may be cockroaches entry points. Hot coffee can also be dumped on the cockroaches and can kill them instantly.

VINEGAR – Mix one cup of water with one cup of white vinegar. Pour the mix in a spray bottle and shake well until they are well combined. Spray it around the house. READ MORE – GET RID OF FRUIT FLIES WITH VINEGAR

BAY LEAF – One thing is for sure that Bay Leaf smell irritates the Cockroaches and in order keeps them away.  Cockroaches find the smell of bay leaves irritating and suffocating. Bay leaves allegedly scare off Cockroaches through scent. You can either sprinkle the Bay Leaf powder near hot spots of Cockroaches in the house for eg. sink or cupboard or simply place whole bay leaves.

CAYENNE PEPPER – When it comes to natural roach repellents, cayenne pepper is a must-try product and is very useful for home remedies in order to get your house free from Cockroaches. Roaches do not like to stay near Cayenne Pepper mainly because of its spicy smell and burning sensation when in contact. Add 1 tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper in three cups of water and stir it well. You can also add Garlic and White Onion juice if available for extra benefits. You can sprinkle Cayenne Pepper on any object or at the hot spot of cockroaches.

HONEY – Honey attract cockroaches, in a small bowl add honey and keep it where u can find the cockroaches. In the morning, dispose of the dead cockroaches. READ MORE – TOP 10 HONEY BENEFITS and REMEDIES

ESSENTIAL OIL SPRAY – Essential oil sprays may have a repellent effect on Cockroaches as they hate the smell of Essential Oils specially Cedar Essential oils, peppermint and  lavender. To make your own cockroach deterrent spray you can add 10 drops of Cedar essential oil along with 10 drops peppermint essential oil and half cup of water in a spray bottle and mix it well and then spray where the roaches are bound to be found.

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