Bringing Your Puppy Home

Bringing Your Puppy Home

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Bringing home a puppy can be a fun and rewarding time. Or, it can be quite a hard time. There are tricks in getting ready for your dog and in training him. By following the recommendation within this chapter, you may enjoy your Labradoodle countless have less stress on everyone.

So, now you have your Labradoodle, but what you should expect after you bring him home? How does one help your house safe and alluring for a Labradoodle? And how organization the transition period for your Labradoodle easier on both person and your puppy?


The very first thing you need to decide is where your Labradoodle will stay. In most every instance, your Labradoodle needs to be an indoor dog. Labradoodles are sociable dogs and were bred being family companions. They are not intended to be relegated for the backyard and occasionally enjoyed. If you’re looking for such a companion, the Labradoodle isn’t for you personally.

So, your Labradoodle must be an interior mostly dog, with occasional forays outside. But that outside should be safe, too. You can’t expect your Labradoodle to understand the boundaries of the yard. Nor could you expect a nearby dogs and kids to respect your yard either without having a fence. So, it’s wise to possess a fenced-in yard for your Labradoodle.

Where your Labradoodle sleeps is vital, too. He needs his own bed (sorry kids!) and, for quite a while, this means a crate so he is able to discover the rules of your home. Remember, Labradoodles don’t come housetrained, normally, so you are going to have to teach him it is not okay to get rid of on the floor. However, despite the fact that your Labradoodle needs his own bed, he must sleep with someone to whom you want him to bond, whether it is you or your kids.

You may wonder why your Labradoodle must not sleep together with you. There are a number of reasons, but one of the extremely compelling will be the occasional accident or sick time. Waking up covered in vomit or urine just isn’t fun. The second reason is about debate having a dog as amiable as the Labradoodle, but I think the argument has merit. Dogs are pack animals, and a few dogs will take the sleeping arrangements a little too seriously. When you sleep which has a dog, you’re about saying you’re by using an equal level. That’s fine-if you never mind getting bullied by your own dog. If you want to keep a leader status, it’s best to have your Labradoodle sleep in his own bed-and you in yours.

The basement, utility room, garage, and backyard tend to be off-limits as sleeping places on your Labradoodle. Remember, they are sociable dogs, and they need attention. You’re giving him a specific signal that you do not want him around once you lead him to sleep inside a below ideal place.

How do you keep him from tearing things up and achieving accident on to the ground? You crate train your Labradoodle and set his crate as part of his designated room.

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