Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

Sinusitis is a very disturbing ailment. It is very similar to the common cold and can be cured using some home remedies. The symptoms of sinusitis are only for less than 10 days. But chronic sinusitis can disturb you even for more than 12 weeks or even longer. The sinus infections can get eradicated from your body by itself, just like the common cold. But we must know the difference in time between common cold and sinusitis.If you get caught by sinusitis by a viral infection or secondhand smoke then it cannot be cured by antibiotics. But you can do a few home remedies that can speed up the curing process. Home Remedies for Sinus Infection there are many effective home remedies, from chicken soup to compresses, that you can use to alleviate the pain and discomfort of sinus issues. Let’s see them in detail. 1. Drink more water Drinking more water is very helpful for the whole body. It helps your system flus the virus out and will keep you hydrated. You must drink at least 8 ounces of water for every 2hours. 2. Eat Healthy Food Since sinusitis is caused by a virus, you will have to consume healthy…

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Why Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets Every Week?
Why Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets Every Week

Why Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets Every Week?

You Wash Your Sheets Every Week Changing the sheets, especially on your master bedroom, and especially those ones who have an elastic band on the sides can be a real struggle and a task you’re prolonging for days. But this prolonging can be very harmful to your health. Wash Your Bed Sheets You Wash Your Sheets My mother always says that I should change the sheets and pillowcases every 7 days – it’s a non-written ancient rule for our family. I made some concessions from time to time, but after reading what I’m about to tell you, I change the sheets every 7 days, mostly Sunday without any hesitation and prolongation. Have you noticed how your sheets smell when you take them to the laundry? While we sleep, ou bodies release extra toxins and liquids, and mostly we sweat more. Our resting hours actually produce a ton of bacteria and fungus on the bedsheets, and it is not just an unpleasant smell – but it’s unhealthy for our bodies to be sleeping on sheets like that! Wash Your Bed Sheets I just read somewhere that while we sleep, our bodily soil and oils are released, also saliva (depending on how…

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6 Tips for Marimo Moss Balls

DID YOU KNOW…Marimo Moss Balls Marimo moss balls aren’t actually a moss, but algae? Did you know they can live up to 100 years and that they are native to lakes in Scotland, Ireland and are a national treasure in Japan? Their folklore tells a tale of two lovers who were forbidden to be together. Heartbroken, they both fell into the water and drown and their hearts became the first Marimo. Because of this sweet story, Marimo are often given as gifts to signify love and commitment. Personally, I love caring for these beauties and find them fascinating to observe and adore how their bright green aesthetic adds vibrancy to any sacred space. Over the years I’ve learned some wonderful ways to keep them happily thriving too! HERE ARE MY TOP 6 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR MARIMO HAPPY: Tip no. 1 Keep them away from direct sun but in a brightly lit location. I find them growing happiest floating in a large vase on my dining room table next to northern exposure windows, so they get plenty of light, but never actually see the sun. What happens if they get too much light? They will develop brown spots. Think of…

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How to Sew a Tea Towel – DIY Fall Tea Towel Tutorial

Learn how to cut and sew your own DIY tea towel out of any kind of fabric you have, like this cute plaid one for the fall season! How to Sew a Tea Towel – DIY Fall Tea Towel Tutorial You know those times when you score a cheap piece of fabric, someway or somehow, and you can’t wait to put it to use? Last spring my mom and I were shopping at target and we came across this big, plaid tablecloth in the clearance section. She convinced me to grab it even though it was definitely a fall style and it was spring at the time. I thought I would just use it as the tablecloth that it was when I first bought it. When fall came around though and I tried it out, I wasn’t a big fan. It was just a little overpowering in our dining room. Immediately I started to think of ways that I could cut it up and re-purpose it and I couldn’t wait to get started. First, I made this super easy table runner below, then I made a couple of pillow covers for our couch. How to Sew a Tea Towel –…

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Fall Porch Inspiration Ideas and a DIY Leaf & Berry Wreath Tutorial
Fall Porch Inspiration Ideas and a DIY Leaf & Berry Wreath Tutorial

Fall Porch Inspiration Ideas and a DIY Leaf & Berry Wreath Tutorial

Take a look at how we styled our porch for Fall this year with a few simple touches including a DIY leaf & berry wreath, plus MORE fall porch inspiration from some friends! Fall Porch Inspiration Ideas Happy FALL friends! Can you believe its already here?! I am so excited. The mornings have been crisp and cool, our house is overflowing with apples, and we’re making plans to head out to a harvest festival this weekend. It doesn’t get much better. In honor of the first day of the new season, I’ve joined up with a couple of blogging friends to give you all some Fall inspiration! You can find more porch ideas and a fun, fall drink recipe to enjoy on your decorated porches at the end of this post. I wanted to show you guys a peek at our sweet and simple fall porch this year. I also have a tutorial for making the fresh leaf and berry wreath seen in the photos that you can catch below. Fall Porch Inspiration Ideas It might not be much, but this was SO fun. In the 3+ years that we’ve lived in our little home, our front porch has sported heavily…

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Dried Orange Slices for Christmas Decorations & More

Learn how to make dried oranges for all of your Christmas decorations this year like dried orange slices garland, wreath adornments, and more! Dried Orange Slices for Christmas Decorations When it comes to decorating for the seasons, I am a sucker for all things handmade and anything natural. It's usually inexpensive and more beautiful to snip a few branches to bring inside from your fall trees, or to make an  evergreen wreath  with clippings that you’ve found. I think having a good mix of handmade and natural elements is the best way to go for seasonal and holiday decorating. Making dried orange slices is a great way to add all-natural and handmade decor to your home any time of year, not just for Christmas! Since Christmas is just around the corner though, these dried orange slices would make for a beautiful Christmas garland, wreath adornments, and more. I’m planning on making both of those in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned if you’d like tutorials for them! Learn how to make your own dried orange slices below, as well as a few tips on what to do with them! Dried Orange Slices for Christmas Decorations HOW TO DRY ORANGE SLICES…

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Top 10 Tips to Start a Christmas Tree Farm to Make Money

Start a Christmas Tree Farm to Make Money Start a Christmas Tree Farm to Make Money Every year, across the nation many people purchase Christmas trees for their holiday celebrations. Unlike vegetables and flowers, Christmas trees don’t need to be tending every day, so it’s very easy to grow this wonderful tree even in your free time. Do you know more than 34.5 million trees have been purchased by people every year? However artificial trees are popular that provides beautiful scent, ambiance and one of a kind appearance but they can’t be equal to natural trees. Christmas trees need very low maintenance and work perfect for spare time project and give you good income in the upcoming years. By planting a portion of new trees each year, it will give you steady income as the trees mature in an average of 8 years. The best part about these trees is they can be harvested and can be replanted too. We are here to show you 10 simple tips to start this Christmas tree farm in your small property to make lots of money every year. 1.Seedling And Planting: Different tree seedlings are priced differently when it comes to Christmas trees.…

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10 DIY House Holiday Christmas Decor Ideas Easy To Do

The Festival of Christmas is going to come soon and the first thing on your mind must be decorations. The decoration on the festive season is what makes it worth the wait. As anywhere you look, you can see the town decorated, the Christmas tree, outshining everything in sight, the gifts spread across it, children playing. But just imagine would any of this will create the vibe that the decorated houses do? The decoration of each and every house is what makes the town beautiful and lively. So in this article, we will explore some amazing Christmas decor ideas that would help you make your house full of the energy and vibes that a festival brings with it. You can easily prepare these decorative items at home without spending much outside on them. Let’s get started. 1.Decorate your Christmas tree with these clay decors The most attractive part of the decorations is the decorated Christmas Tree. There are a large number of things with which you can decorate the tree. But here is a preparation with which you can make beautiful hanging decorations with clay easily. Things you need: Clay, Sculpy Gloss, Scalpel, Cutting Board, Tapestry thread, A gold sharp marker,…

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12 Ways Hairspray Can Improve Your Body, Home, and Life

Every day before rushing to the office or a party last thing that most of us use is hairspray to make sure they are in place. But, did you ever though it can be used to preserve your favorite drawing? Below listed are such brilliant uses of hairspray that you didn’t know before. 12 Simple Hairspray Hacks for Home and Beauty If your favorite leather shoes have marks that spoils its appearance then use hairspray on it and use a clean cloth to wipe them. #2 Preserve Flowers We all love flowers, but they die as time the passes. However, using hairspray you can preserve them for longer time.   #3 Save Recipe Cards If you want to save those small recipe cards in your kitchen, then use hairspray to protect them from sauce or other ingredients. #4 Preserve Drawing #1 Removes Leather Stains Similar to recipe cards, you can save your drawing from getting spoiled. Spray some of this hair cosmetic on the drawing and you can protect it for longer time. #5 Dries Painted Nails Within no time you can dry your nail polish by spraying some amount of this product. #6 Remove Sticky Labels Using hairspray you…

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Handmade Lavender Milk Bath Recipe For Healthier Skin

Get the recipe for this all natural, lavender milk bath that’s amazing for your skin. Its a great way to unwind and get more out of your bath, or make it as a DIY gift for friends and family! As we get closer to meeting our baby girl, and welcoming a new addition into our family, I’m feeling all the feels. There’s definitely a good amount of last minute energy and nesting going on. Hello, lace pillow cases and velvet pillow covers and all of the other DIY projects in the works. At the same time though I’m craving some relaxation and self-care before life gets busier and we have to figure out new routines. What’s one of the best ways to relax and treat yourself?! A bath of course! If you love baths, or you want to love baths more, this lavender milk bath recipe is perfect for you. Its very simple to throw together, and you just add a little bit to your bath water to make it feel like a total spa experience! Make it for yourself or as a DIY gift for friends and family. BENEFITS OF USING A MILK BATH RECIPE There are a few different benefits of adding…

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20 most amazing beautiful vintage garden ideas

Vintage garden ideas are trending these days. So if you trying to give your garden a unique look then trying out some antiques is probably the best available option. This article will list 20 most amazing garden ideas that can make your garden décor look impeccable. 1. Antique Chair Planter plus Vintage Plates The Old metal lawn chair can be a great addition to the vintage theme of the garden. Rather than throwing them, it can be recycled. The flower vase is kept in the seater that looks vintage. In addition, antique plates add more charm to the vintage look.2. Rusty Vintage Wheelbarrow Flower Planters The look of the garden’s old wheelbarrow can be transformed too. This old iron tool is always associated with cement and dirt. So pretty flowering plants is a great contrast to the look of the old wheelbarrow. The old rustic ladder in the storeroom is kept unused for a long time to make it look attractive. This unused ladder can enhance the look of the garden. The steps of the ladder are used to keep the flowering pots.  4. Galvanized Metal Bucket Flower Planter Display The leftover rusty metal buckets kept unused for a long…

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15 Best Plants That Bloom In Fall

If you love having flowers that bloom throughout the year especially in the spring and fall, then you must plant these 15 plants in your garden to make it more beautiful.Fall blooming flowers look wonderful in your yard and they typically produce deep jewel-toned blooms of purple, rust orange, and scarlet red. 1.Balloon Flower: Balloon flowers are blue in color and they also called as Chinese Bellflower. The buds of this plant will actually puff up until the pop open, relieving the beautiful bell shaped flowers. 2.Sweet Alyssum: Sweet alyssum is a fragrant and colorful plant that forms a lush carpet in shades of white, purple or pink colors. You can easily grow them in containers, or in hanging baskets but make sure to allow the flowers dangle off the sides for that effortlessly undone look. 3.Beauty Berry: Beauty berry is a fast growing shrub plant which looks beautiful in every season, with lilac flowers in the spring and bright purple berries that last in to the winter. 4.Heather: Heather produces beautiful white, pink or purple color flowers. The green bronze and red foliage also add fun to wintertime too. 5.Helenium: Sneezeweed is the nickname for helenium plant and it doesn’t make you sneeze. It produces…

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Latest Bunk Bed Design Ideas For Your Kids

Bed Design Ideas For Your Kids They are not exactly a new invention – far from it, nevertheless, they have moved on a lot in terms of design and are once more incredibly popular. Bunks for the kids can be split up into several major types or styles, why don’t we take a look. Bunk Bed Design Ideas For Your Kids The earlier standard sort of bunk is referred to as a twin over twin. When most people think of these beds they will visualize the idea of 2 single beds, 1 straight above the other, made from solid wood and/or metal. This old favorite type remains incredibly common nowadays although there are plenty of modern twists to that basic design and style. One case in point is to have a double mattress at the base which has a single bunk above establishing sleeping space for up to three kids. The actual bunks may well be tiered or perhaps run at right angles to each other. Lots of different versions can be purchased nowadays; you will be amazed at some of the different configurations around. Yet another kind of bed is frequently termed as a loft bed. Here there is…

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Fabulous Contemporary Family Room Decoration Ideas

People say that the kitchen is the room where we spend most of our time at home, but I disagree. For me, the living room is really the ‘home’ place where I get to relax after work every afternoon, I get to watch the latest football game, read a book, catch up with my family or have a few guests over. This is why living room decoration is quite important, much more so than that of the kitchen, in my opinion. The room should be comfortable so when you’re decorating – or maybe re-decorating the place, you need to keep this aspect in mind. It is very easy to uplift the appearance of the room without spending too much money on room decor. For example you can easily add a few pillows to your coach or love sofa. But you have to make sure that they are actually matching the rest of the decor. If you already have some nice curtains and drapes in place, make sure that the pillows match at least in color or style with your window treatments. Also simply adding a new pretty vase with some fresh flowers in it can do wonders for your living…

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Cool Outdoor Landscape Design Ideas

Not everyone who lives in Phoenix has unlimited property to work with. Many homes which are sold in Phoenix have less than a full acre of ground. This is especially true if the Phoenix home is located inside the city. Just because you have a smaller home area doesn’t mean that you can’t make the best of your outdoor living space in Phoenix. Getting a good landscaping design isn’t always dependent upon having a wide array of space to work with. Smaller outdoor spaces in Phoenix just take a little more planning in order to assure that you make the best of the space that you have to work with. Your small yard in Phoenix can be remarkable and offer you more than you’d imagined when it comes to living in the outdoors year-round. Small garden ideas in Phoenix are plentiful and your professional Phoenix landscaper can help you to explore those small gardening ideas to get the best from your space, whatever size it is. New designs and new ideas are coming out every day when it comes to things like landscaping. Phoenix landscaping lends itself well to these new ideas and innovations for outdoor landscaping because of the…

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