Chocolate-Mayonnaise Bundt Cake

Mayonnaise in a cake? Yes, Dear Reader, you read that correctly.  Your eyes did not deceive you.  This cake is most certainly made with mayonnaise, and as weird as it seems, it’s absolute perfection!  This cake gives you the best of both worlds. Not only is the cake light and fluffy on the outside, but the center is very moist and fudge-like. I like to think of this cake as a chocolate lava cake without the lava! Does that make sense? The first time I made this cake was in 2016. That was when this cake first appeared on the blog. Today, I’m updating the photographs and re-publishing this recipe, because this cake is just too delicious to be forgotten about! MAYONNAISE AS A BAKING INGREDIENT Believe it or not, mayonnaise is a very common ingredient in baking. And, if you think about it, why shouldn’t it be? Mayonnaise is made with common ingredients used in baking anyway. Let’s take a closer look. Mayonnaise has three main ingredients. They are oil, egg yolks, and lemon juice. (The lemon juice is sometimes substituted for vinegar.) Almost every baking recipe, whether it be a cake or a cookie, has eggs and some…

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Jalapeno Corn Muffins

Not all recipes can be found by searching online or leafing through a cookbook or magazine. The best recipes are those that have been passed down from generation to generation. Or better yet, the recipes that your friends make and share with you! That’s exactly how I was introduced to this corn muffin recipe. CAN I TELL YOU A STORY? We have these amazing friends whom we never get to see as much as I’d like. That’s the thing about being an adult, isn’t it? There’s just never enough time to hang out with friends and have a good time. It seems that we only see Gloria and Micheal two or three times a year. But each and every time, I enjoy it more than I did the last time we all sat down together! I met Gloria first. She has been a friend of John.e’s for a long time, but I first met her in 2013. She was spending the weekend at their cottage alone and invited us to visit. I was so nervous to meet her, because John.e had told me so much about her, including the fact that she is a psychotherapist. You know how we all…

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

We love peanut butter cookies! There’s just something really comforting about sinking your teeth into a soft, homemade peanut butter cookie, isn’t there? I have a few recipes at Lord Byron’s Kitchen for cookies that use peanut butter, and this one is a variation on one of those. When it comes to cookies, I tend to lean more toward a chewier cookie experience rather than a crispy cookie. I love cookies like ginger snaps too, but the chewier the cookie, the more delicious it is! Adding the raisins certainly helps to achieve a chewier cookie! LIGHT VS DARK RAISINS – WHICH WILL YOU USE IN YOUR PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES? My mom used to refer to raisins in two basic terms – light and dark. But, there’s more to raisins than just the color difference. Not only are different grapes used in the making of raisins, but there are different processes that can be applied too. In most baking recipes, you’ll see just the word raisins. The most common raisins that can be found in North America and either light in color or dark in color. Sometimes, they might be called Golden Raisins or Sultana Raisins. Brown raisins are sun-dried by laying them out…

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Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins
Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

In our home, we love muffins. But, there’s a great muffin divide that breaks up the synergy in the house. You see, Dear Reader, while John.e and I love to eat muffins loaded with fruit, McKenna does not. She likes just plain chocolate chip muffins. Every once in a while, I’ll make a batch for her, but I always use my banana muffin base and I always add rolled oats. That way, even though she’s eating chocolate, she’s still getting the added benefit of eating something that’s good for her. You can add nuts too, if you like. But, like I said, these muffins were for McKenna and nothing beats chocolate chip for her! MILK, SEMI-SWEET, OR DARK CHOCOLATE? Any of the three will do perfectly fine! I tend to always use semi-sweet chocolate when baking. And, I save the milk chocolate for truffles or drizzle or snacking! I very rarely use dark chocolate, because I’m not a fan of it. Even though McKenna and John's .e prefer it, I still don’t use it much at all. As you can see from the photographs, I used mini chocolate chips. You can use regular chocolate chips. I only used the mini because it’s…

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Coffee Chocolate Truffles

Many, many years ago, I watched an episode of the Barefoot Contessa. It was an episode where Ina Garten described how coffee enhanced the flavour or chocolate. I tried it and she was right! We’ve all had coffee flavoured chocolate before, but have you had chocolate flavoured with coffee? Yes, there is a difference! When you flavour chocolate with coffee, you don’t taste the coffee. The coffee is meant to enhance the flavour of the chocolate itself. If you add things like coffee extract to these Coffee Chocolate Truffles, you would be in essence changing the flavour of the chocolate. The chocolate would have a coffee-like smell and taste. But, if you add coffee or espresso granules, you won’t be adding coffee flavour to the chocolate, but helping the chocolate taste more chocolaty. Am I just confusing you with all of this coffee versus chocolate talk? Let’s just forget about it and talk about these delicious treats! Let’s talk Substitutes! Here’s what I did. I added both coffee extract and instant coffee granules to my recipe. Not only did I want to enhance the chocolate flavor, but I also wanted the chocolate to have a hint of coffee flavor. You…

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Trix Cereal Treats

I wish I had the creative genius to come up with this recipe all on my own. It’s quite simple, really; we are basically substituting the traditional Rice Krispies cereal with Trix! I saw this recipe online and I had to make it. A big shout out to Cravings of a Lunatic for the inspiration! Trix cereal is not something that I’ve ever eaten before until now. That might have something to do with the fact that I’m in my forties! Or, it might be because Trix cereal is hard to find here in Canada. If your local grocer doesn’t stock Trix cereal, there’s no need to fret, Dear Reader. I was able to order them from Amazon for less than four dollars! I wasn’t able to find the balls though. At the time, I could only find fruity shapes, but it worked perfectly! Now, if we are all being honest with ourselves here, we will all admit that we like to indulge in some of the same snacks that kids like to eat. I could eat an entire pan of Rice Krispy Squares! You would find me buckled over with stomach pain later, but who thinks of that when shoving food in our…

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Kitchen Sink Cookies

The expression “everything but the kitchen sink” refers to taking or using just about everything you can. For example, if one were going on a short vacation, but over packed, one might say, “they took everything but the kitchen sink.” It basically means not much was left behind. (I’m looking at you, Margaret!) Margaret is one of my best friends and we both work together. I remember one time we both were taking a flight to Vancouver for a conference. She showed up at the airport with an updo, wearing a ball gown, and toting three very large suitcases. We were only going to be in Vancouver for 5 days. She took everything but the kitchen sink! What do these Cookies have to do with a Kitchen Sink? Sometimes, when I bake or cook for my little family, and not with the intention of posting the recipe to the blog, I tend to take some liberties. A kitchen sink cookie recipe is a perfect example of when that happens. People who know me might remember hearing me saying something like, “Tonight we are having a clean out the fridge dinner.” This is when I place dinner on the table which…

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Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Scoop Cookies

These adorable mounds of mint and chocolate will fool even the most loyal ice cream lover. I always try my recipes out on John.e and McKenna before posting them to Lord Byron’s Kitchen. The best reaction to this particular cookie was from McKenna. She took a big bite and I watched her face go from super happy to super confused. I asked if she liked them and she said they tasted great, but she was expecting them to be cold and to melt in her mouth just like ice cream. That was exactly what I wanted for these cookies! I prepared these using my favourite shortbread cookie dough, but added a few ingredients to get the texture, look, and taste just right. Let me explain! Cornstarch in a cookie recipe? Yes! In fact, it’s quite common. I have a few dessert type recipes that have cornstarch as one of the main ingredients. It’s important to add cornstarch so that the cookies will hold their shape when baking. We all know that cornstarch is often used as a thickening agent in sauces and gravies, but it has the opposite effect in baking. In cookies, cornstarch will help to lighten up a cookie dough.…

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Lime Sugar Cookies

I have to confess something, Dear Reader. These cookies came to life out of a need to use up the limes I had on hand before they lost their freshness. I had purchased a bag of limes from Costco to make Limeade. I also needed limes for my guacamole. But, as you know, everything at Costco is always more than you need! When I am trying to think of a new recipe idea, I will often scroll through the recipes I have already published here at Lord Byron’s Kitchen. When you have so many recipes, it’s easy to think you’re creating something new when in fact you’re not! So the scrolling helps to do two things. First, it eliminates recipe repitition. And, secondly, it triggers many “what if” moments. Like, what if I used brown sugar instead of white and added dark cocoa powder and molasses? It’s those moments that I have the most fun with recipe development. That was exactly the case with these. I had a pre-existing cookie recipe that was unlike any other cookie recipe on my blog. I remembered loving the interior texture of the cookie and decided to recreate it with a burst of citrus flavour.…

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