Chocolate-Mayonnaise Bundt Cake

Mayonnaise in a cake? Yes, Dear Reader, you read that correctly.  Your eyes did not deceive you.  This cake is most certainly made with mayonnaise, and as weird as it seems, it’s absolute perfection!  This cake gives you the best of both worlds. Not only is the cake light and fluffy on the outside, but the center is very moist and fudge-like. I like to think of this cake as a chocolate lava cake without the lava! Does that make sense? The first time I made this cake was in 2016. That was when this cake first appeared on the blog. Today, I’m updating the photographs and re-publishing this recipe, because this cake is just too delicious to be forgotten about! MAYONNAISE AS A BAKING INGREDIENT Believe it or not, mayonnaise is a very common ingredient in baking. And, if you think about it, why shouldn’t it be? Mayonnaise is made with common ingredients used in baking anyway. Let’s take a closer look. Mayonnaise has three main ingredients. They are oil, egg yolks, and lemon juice. (The lemon juice is sometimes substituted for vinegar.) Almost every baking recipe, whether it be a cake or a cookie, has eggs and some…

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Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins
Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

In our home, we love muffins. But, there’s a great muffin divide that breaks up the synergy in the house. You see, Dear Reader, while John.e and I love to eat muffins loaded with fruit, McKenna does not. She likes just plain chocolate chip muffins. Every once in a while, I’ll make a batch for her, but I always use my banana muffin base and I always add rolled oats. That way, even though she’s eating chocolate, she’s still getting the added benefit of eating something that’s good for her. You can add nuts too, if you like. But, like I said, these muffins were for McKenna and nothing beats chocolate chip for her! MILK, SEMI-SWEET, OR DARK CHOCOLATE? Any of the three will do perfectly fine! I tend to always use semi-sweet chocolate when baking. And, I save the milk chocolate for truffles or drizzle or snacking! I very rarely use dark chocolate, because I’m not a fan of it. Even though McKenna and John's .e prefer it, I still don’t use it much at all. As you can see from the photographs, I used mini chocolate chips. You can use regular chocolate chips. I only used the mini because it’s…

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Coffee Chocolate Truffles

Many, many years ago, I watched an episode of the Barefoot Contessa. It was an episode where Ina Garten described how coffee enhanced the flavour or chocolate. I tried it and she was right! We’ve all had coffee flavoured chocolate before, but have you had chocolate flavoured with coffee? Yes, there is a difference! When you flavour chocolate with coffee, you don’t taste the coffee. The coffee is meant to enhance the flavour of the chocolate itself. If you add things like coffee extract to these Coffee Chocolate Truffles, you would be in essence changing the flavour of the chocolate. The chocolate would have a coffee-like smell and taste. But, if you add coffee or espresso granules, you won’t be adding coffee flavour to the chocolate, but helping the chocolate taste more chocolaty. Am I just confusing you with all of this coffee versus chocolate talk? Let’s just forget about it and talk about these delicious treats! Let’s talk Substitutes! Here’s what I did. I added both coffee extract and instant coffee granules to my recipe. Not only did I want to enhance the chocolate flavor, but I also wanted the chocolate to have a hint of coffee flavor. You…

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Lime Sugar Cookies

I have to confess something, Dear Reader. These cookies came to life out of a need to use up the limes I had on hand before they lost their freshness. I had purchased a bag of limes from Costco to make Limeade. I also needed limes for my guacamole. But, as you know, everything at Costco is always more than you need! When I am trying to think of a new recipe idea, I will often scroll through the recipes I have already published here at Lord Byron’s Kitchen. When you have so many recipes, it’s easy to think you’re creating something new when in fact you’re not! So the scrolling helps to do two things. First, it eliminates recipe repitition. And, secondly, it triggers many “what if” moments. Like, what if I used brown sugar instead of white and added dark cocoa powder and molasses? It’s those moments that I have the most fun with recipe development. That was exactly the case with these. I had a pre-existing cookie recipe that was unlike any other cookie recipe on my blog. I remembered loving the interior texture of the cookie and decided to recreate it with a burst of citrus flavour.…

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Dill Pickle Ranch Pasta

I think there are only two classes of dill pickle people in the world. We have those that love them and then there are those that hate them. There is no middle ground. In our home, dill pickles are treated with the utmost respect. I love them, but both John.e and McKenna LOVE them! If we were asked to name a new Greek God, his name would be something stupid like Pickleonia. I’m not an extremely creative person when it comes to words, so I’ll leave the name-calling to John, since he’s so good at it! I’ll stick to my four C’s – cats, cooking, crocheting, and now cross stitch too! Okay – enough! Back to the Dill Pickle Ranch Pasta. The first time I tried the dill and ranch flavour combination was when I made my Dill Pickle Ranch Chex Mix. That was 4 years ago. Looking at that post now, I realize that I desperately need to update the photos! They’re like bacon and eggs. Or ham and cheese. Chocolate and peanut butter. Toast and jam. Salt and pepper. Tom and Jerry. Ice cream and sprinkles. You get my point! They just work together so well and create an explosion of…

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Toasted Cashew and Brussels Sprouts Coleslaw

This non-traditional coleslaw consists of uncooked shaved Brussels sprouts that have been tossed with toasted cashews in a homemade tangy and zesty sauce. I know I have said this about some other vegetables too, but I think Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables. That is clearly evident with the number of times Brussels sprouts have been used in recipes here at Lord Byron’s Kitchen! How about you? Do you love them or do you hate them? In our home, I love them, McKenna hates them, and John.e seems to tolerate them. I don’t mind though, because that just means there’s more for me! I wasn’t always a lover of Brussels sprouts. That was because my first introduction to them was very unpleasant. I’m not sure how it happened, but they were from a packet found in the frozen section at the grocery store. I learned really quickly that fresh was the way to go! Let’s break down this recipe and talk a bit about how to prepare it. Just so you know, you can prepare this recipe in advance. Just be sure to prepare the sauce and add it to the salad just before serving. Otherwise, the sprouts lose their…

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Roasted Stuffed Tomatoes

I love that about Italian culture.  The annual canning of tomatoes in late summer or early fall, always makes me wish I was Italian and had a large Italian family.  If anyone wants to adopt me into their family, I’m free!  (But, only if you can tomatoes every year!) I’ve tried it in the past, but in smaller quantities.  We live in an apartment, so purchasing and preparing several bushels of tomatoes for canning would be a kitchen nightmare.  There’s just not enough room.  That’s why I’m totally jealous of Nadia and her big backyard.  They all get together and skin the tomatoes, puree them and pack them into jars.  Then, they light a fire under a pot large enough to hold over 100 jars of tomato sauce.  Can you imagine?  That’s a lot of good eating throughout the winter months. She gave me a jar of her sauce a few years back and it was one of the best tomato sauces I’ve ever eaten.  It was so fresh and so delicious.  It encouraged me to try some of my own tomato canning recipes, but again, due to space, I was limited to a smaller quantity.  I did put together…

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Easter Bunny Coconut Tails

Easter cookies and Easter decorations were not big in our family. My parents never decorated for Easter! Sure, we all got a big chocolate bunny, but there was never an egg hunt. Can you believe that? I never once had an Easter egg hunt when I was a kid. In fact, the only thing good about Easter was the chocolate. We were church-going folks and I hated having to leave behind my chocolate bunny and head off to Sunday morning church. That would have been okay, I guess, but we were Apostolic. Sunday was all about church! I think Sunday morning church service started at 10:30 am. We were usually home before 1 pm. Then, we had Sunday School in the afternoon. I think that started at 3 and went until 4. After that, we were forced to take a nap. I’m serious! I think I was 12 years old when Sunday naps stopped! Of course, Sunday evenings we had that big Cold Plate for dinner. And, then we were off to church again at 6:30 pm. That service could last until well after midnight! I kid you not! There was never a time that Sunday night church service ended before 9…

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Keto Sour Cream Cookies (Sugar Cookies)

In my opinion, when it comes to choosing the perfect dessert option for the holidays, keto cookies should be at the top of the list. This is why I am confident that these keto sour cream cookies will make a lovely addition to your low carb holiday cookie plater. These sour cream keto cookies are reminiscent of the old fashion cookies many of us grew up on. It’s the type of recipe that was commonly found in church community cookbooks.   If like me you grew up in the 1980s then you might remember McCall’s sour cream cookie recipe. That recipe produced a light, soft, sweet delicious option. But, of course, it was also oh so loaded with carbs.  Well, that’s the flavor profile I was after. Thankfully, this girl was able to produce for you just that. Consider these the keto version of that popular recipe. I had to do some major tweaking since Keto Baking is NOTHING like traditional baking but this girl is quite proud of this low carb version and I’m hoping you will also fall in love with it.  This sour cream cookie recipe uses almond flour, ensuring that it’s not only low in carbs but grain and gluten-free. If what you are…

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Keto Lemonade Recipes
Keto Lemonade Recipes

Keto Lemonade Recipes

Keto Lemonade Recipes Quench your thirst with a cold glass of fresh keto lemonade. This low carb lemonade alternative is simple to make and can be adjusted for those who prefer a tart keto lemonade recipe vs. a sweeter low carb lemonade. If you like making your own keto beverages at home you’ll want to make this Keto Hot Chocolate. It has the perfect balance of sweetness to rich cocoa flavors. For more recipe ideas visit my Keto Recipes section. Keto Lemonade Recipes KETO LEMONADE There isn’t anything more refreshing to me on a hot day than a nice cold glass of fresh Keto Lemonade.  It’s just as refreshing on a cold day too if you’re warm-blooded enough. Keto Lemonade is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks as the low carb sweetener allows you to satisfy that sweet tooth without the insulin spike of a high carb drink. All lemonade is not created equal, in order to balance the sour of lemon a lot of sugar gets added.  When you buy lemonade at the store you’re letting someone else decide how much sugar and how many carbs are in it. Making it at home is easier than you might think and allows you…

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Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe – Make Your Home Smell Like Autumn!
Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe

Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe – Make Your Home Smell Like Autumn!

Get the how-to for this FALL inspired stovetop potpourri that will make your home smell amazing for the autumn season. Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe One of my favorite ways to make our home cozy and welcoming, and to feel like a super homemaker;) is to make sure our house is smelling good. Whether it's with candles, an essential oil diffuser, some from scratch baking, or a stovetop potpourri, a good smelling house is a must. Our home is pretty old and doesn’t always smell great naturally, so I try to constantly remember to have a diffuser, potpourri, or something else going. It's especially important to me if I have guests coming over! I love that the change in seasons brings a completely different change in smells. Incorporating seasonal smells into your home is such a fun way to embrace each season as it comes. Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe Spring and summer might be the smell of lemons, limes, and mint. Winter always reminds me of fresh pine! And fall, of course, is the smell of pumpkin, cinnamon, apples, etc. If you are all for FALL and you’re ready to jump headfirst into getting…

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Sweet Potato Casserole With Homemade Marshmallows

Get the recipe for this delicious, sweet potato casserole complete with homemade marshmallows, as well as four other festive desserts you can enjoy this holiday season! This time of year is nostalgic for most people, especially when it comes to food. Everyone seems to be enjoying their favorite pumpkin recipes, grandma’s apple pie and looking forward to turkey day. To celebrate the nostalgia of the season and to give you more inspiration for classic recipes, I’ve teamed up with some other blogging friends to share our favorite, holiday recipes with you all! We are all sharing festive recipes to inspire you for the holiday season ahead. You’re in luck because you can almost create a whole, holiday meal with the recipes we are sharing! There are rolls, a stovetop Brussels sprouts recipe, sweet potato casserole by yours truly, and two different dessert recipes! Whether you are hosting for the holidays this year, or bringing a dish for a potluck, you’ll be sure to have plenty of delicious ideas! Be sure to make it all the way to the bottom of the post to get the links to the other posts. We hope you enjoy and you are able to make some yummy food…

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Slow Cooker Triple Chocolate Brownies

Even stìll, they were delìcìous and I couldn’t get enough of them. Cocoa powder, bìttersweet chocolate, and semì-sweet chocolate chìps add plenty of chocolate flavor. Chopped pecans add some crunch. Cookìng tìme can vary quìte a bìt based on how hot your crockpot cooks. If you know that your crockpot ìs a fast cooker, shorten the cookìng tìme some. The mìddle wìll stìll look slìghtly undercooked when they are done, but ìt wìll fìrm up as ìt cools. INGREDIENTS Cookìng spray1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder3/4 teaspoon bakìng powder1/2 teaspoon kosher salt1/2 cup (1 stìck) unsalted butter, cut ìnto pìeces8 ounces bìttersweet chocolate, chopped1 cup of sugar3 large eggs, lìghtly beaten1 teaspoon vanìlla extract1 cup chopped pecans1 cup semì-sweet chocolate chìps INSTRUCTIONS Lìghtly coat a 4 to 5-quart crockpot ìnsert wìth cookìng spray. Place a pìece of parchment paper, that ìs large enough to extend halfway up the sìdes ìn the bottom of the crockpot. Lìghtly spray parchment paper wìth cookìng spray.In a small bowl, whìsk together flour, cocoa powder, bakìng powder, and salt.Place butter and chopped chocolate ìn a medìum mìcrowave-safe bowl. Mìcrowave for 30 seconds. Stìr. Mìcrowave another 30 seconds. If not completely melted, contìnue mìcrowavìng…

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Low Carb Blueberry Cheesecake

Bluеbеrrу cheesecake is what wе hаd оn our mіndѕ whеn wе went to рісk blueberries thіѕ ѕрrіng…. ok, fіnе there mіght have been a fеw оthеr foods and dеѕѕеrtѕ we wеrе thinking аbоut too… bluеbеrrу раnсаkе mistakes… frozen blueberries… blueberry popsicles…Blueberries are оnе of the few fruіtѕ that аrеn’t hіgh in саrbѕ and gіvе a grеаt frеѕh flavor to dеѕѕеrtѕ and salads thіѕ tіmе of year… wе еvеn еаt thеm with ѕаuѕаgе grаvу.  Shhhh, dоn’t tеll аnуоnе… INGREDIENTSCruѕt Ingredients ¾ cup аlmоnd flоur¼ tsp сіnnаmоn⅛ tsp ѕаlt¼ tsp bаkіng powder¼ сuр Swеrvе соnfесtіоnеrѕ1 tbѕр buttеr1 tbsp coconut оіl1 еgg Fіllіng Ingrеdіеntѕ 1/4 сuр ѕоur сrеаm12 оz сrеаm сhееѕе1 еgg3/4 сuр erythritol grаnulаtеd1/2 tѕр vаnіllа Streusel Tорріng 2 tbѕр buttеr2/3 cup almond flоur2 tbѕр Swеrvе соnfесtіоnеrѕ Blueberry Topping 3/4 сuр bluеbеrrіеѕ InѕtruсtіоnѕCrust Inѕtruсtіоnѕ Mix аll thе dry ingredients іn a bоwl tоgеthеr first, аnd thеn аdd melted buttеr and coconut оіl tо that mіx аnd ѕtіr tо incorporate wеll. Lastly, add the еgg аnd соmbіnе wеll. Uѕе this mіxturе to рrеѕѕ іntо thе bоttоm оf a 9×9 Pуrеx baking dіѕh. Make ѕurе thе crust mіxturе іѕ еvеnlу рrеѕѕеd into the dіѕh аnd іѕ consistent thickness ѕо that іt will bake evenly.…

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Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies
Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies

Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies

I was wantìng to make some cheesecake cookìes when my son asked me what I planned on doìng wìth all the dehydrated raspberrìes we made wìth our summer harvest. My fìrst thought was to just let hìm enjoy them ìn hìs oatmeal. But then I realìzed just how delectable they would be when paìred wìth a cheesecake cookìe. Then I thought that whìte chocolate really ìs the perfect paìrìng when ìt comes to cheesecake and raspberrìes, so those lìttle whìte chocolate chìps had to go ìn there too. Plus, ìt gìves a lìttle added sweetness to the cookìes sìnce they aren’t too sweet by themselves. INGREDIENTS 8 ounces cream cheese1 cup butter (2 stìcks)1-1/2 cups granulated sugar2-1/2 cups all-purpose flour2 cups freeze-drìed raspberrìes1/2 cup whìte chocolate chìps INSTRUCTIONS Beat cream cheese and butter together untìl fluffy.Add sugar, and beat well.Slowly mìx ìn flour just untìl ìncorporated.Fold ìn raspberrìes and whìte chocolate chìps.Chìll 2 hours.Preheat oven to 350 degrees.Scoop chìlled dough ìnto balls and place on a parchment-lìned bakìng sheet. Bake 13-14 mìnutes.

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