Why are the croissants in Italy so tasteless and always too sweet?

I agree with you, I really dislike Italian croissants. I rarely have croissants when I’m in Italy because they remind me of cardboard. They’re usually dry, so tough that they seem stale even when they’re fresh. I think in general Italian bakers are not masters of puff pastry and local croissants show this lack of skills. However, most croissants you will find in Italian cafés are industrial anyway. I also believe that, as a quick breakfast item, they are not considered dignified enough to deserve being made with quality ingredients - I’ve never had a croissant in Italy which tastes like butter… I’d rather not know what kind of fat they use to prepare them. It’s probably the worst saturated fat they can find on the market - have you noticed the fat film they leave on your palate afterwards? Yuck! Let’s admit it though - Italian croissants are very creative. They come with so many different fillings. Why? Because they’re so bad that no one would ever consider having a plain croissant! So the reason why they seem too sweet to you is probably because of the filling (and the amount of it). Lots of custard, chocolate spread or jam (only the cheapest ones, of course!) will help make those abominations more edible. Next time try to eat just the pastry without…

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Which dishes worldwide are the true test of a chef’s ability?

I’ve had quite a few chats over the years with some chefs over wine and food. And I remember one interesting night when they told me for most of them what was the very first dish they had to show that they knew a bit about cooking and not just some wannabe. You see, restaurants don’t test cooks or chefs by what grandiose signature dish that a person can make like in Masterchef. What REALLY tests a chef’s abilities is doing the very BASICS PERFECTLY. As such, you’ll be surprised by how simple the true tests are. EGGS. Virtually every one of them have told me that they had to make an egg as a test of their skills. For some it was to make the perfect omelet. For others it was making the perfect soft poached egg. (from Flikr) FISH. Roasting fish is difficult to get right. Fish is a pretty delicate meat, and it’s a thin line between a moist, flavorful, flaky fish and a tough, dry piece of fish jerky. (from Prima) HOLLANDAISE. This is one of those really tricky sauces. Not many restaurants even make it unless they do a regular breakfast trade. Is the heat too high? Now the egg yolks are curdling and the sauce has a grainy mustard like look and texture. Sauce split? Well, the fat has separated and the…

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Garlic & Herb Sautéed Potatoes With Samphire

What do you do with left-over Jersey spuds? For one, you can store them in the fridge overnight and make some sauteed potatoes with them the next day. Here, we’ve spruced ours up with some seasoning and fried them off in rapeseed oil. Leaving us with some delicious crispy gems to devour. As for flavour, it’s the rich fertile earth of Jersey which gives Jersey Royals their unique taste. It would be a crime not to enjoy them as much as you can when they’re in season. They’re sweet and summery, so can make for a very memorable dish. We’ve paired our Jerseys with some seasonal herbs and veg too. Samphire is an incredible vegetable. When raw, it tends to be quite salty so it’s often steamed for a few minutes before serving. It’s actually a sea vegetable (hence the salt) so it’s traditionally served with seafood. However, it can make a perfect addition to salads and potato dishes like this one. The complimentary flavours of samphire, fragrant fresh mint and spices are incredible. This seasonal dish is super easy to make and is great for summer barbecues, or any time of year in fact… 280g Jersey Royal potatoes, pre-cooked and chilled overnight.1 crushed garlic clove or 1/2 teaspoon of garlic puree1/2 teaspoon cumin1/2 teaspoon ground coriander1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepperA few grinds of…

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7-Ingredient Festive Vegan Wreath with “Turkey”, Cranberry & Stuffing

Give my delicious festive vegan wreath a go for a seasonal centrepiece that’s sure to be the talk of the table!It’s much simpler than it looks – my delicious festive vegan wreath is tasty, easy and requires only seven ingredients! Layered with sweet cranberry sauce, tasty sage and onion stuffing and seasoned vegan ‘turkey’, this recipe is a lovely combination for any vegan Christmas dinner or Sunday roast. For decoration, I used a star-shaped biscuit cutter to make eight stars from pastry cut-offs – this reduces food waste and makes the wreath super festive. If you don’t have time to read the recipe now, PIN it or bookmark this page.christmas-vegan-wreathHow do you make this ‘meaty’ vegan wreath vegan?Puff pastry:As you’ll know, traditional puff pastry recipes aren’t vegan. They require butter, but you can easily sub this out for a dairy-free alternative. There are plenty of benefits to going dairy-free – if you fancy reading more, then check out this article.   When choosing a vegan butter for this kind of baking, then you’ll want to select one that acts very similarly to dairy butter blocks. My current favourites are: Vegan Block by NaturliFlora’s Plant ButterBoth have a lovely flavour and work fantastic in cooking and baking. Also, I believe Stork’s Original Baking Block (not their margarine) is vegan. As much as I love…

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Buttermilk Dill Ranch Pasta Salad

I’m all about pasta salads. I can eat pasta salad every day. There’s just a few caveats. First and foremost, they have to be delicious. Texture is an absolute must. And, they have to be easy to make, inexpensive, and they must be still just as tasty the next day! The best thing about past salads is that they can be made ahead of time. You can easily adapt them to your liking too, because they’re very forgiving. And, it seems that everyone loves them! That’s probably why they are such a popular side dish at many restaurants, and certainly at every summer picnic or backyard bbq! IS THIS A COLESLAW OR A PASTA SALAD? You’ve got a keen eye, Dear Reader. Indeed this dish has the makings of a coleslaw, but it also has everything you need to make a delicious pasta salad. I’ve seen a coleslaw pasta salad circulating online for the past year or two. I tried the recipe once. And, we loved it. I just thought I could do better. I’m not being conceited! Really! I just firmly believe that a simple recipe is great, but you can always improve upon it. How did I improve on the original? I made a homemade dressing for starters. And I added dill to the dressing – lots and lots of dill!…

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Pork shoulder Sweet Jalapeno Pork
pork shoulder

Pork shoulder Sweet Jalapeno Pork

It seems that I cannot get enough of jalapenos lately. I’ve been experimenting with them a lot. If you’re a Lord Byron’s Kitchen fan, you might have noticed that I have been posting jalapeno inspired recipes lately. I swear, I’m almost over it! What happens to me quite often. I will find a new ingredient and I’ll run with it until I grow tired of it. I’m doing it with jalapenos now, but I’ve done it before with shallots, butternut squash, and even Brussels sprouts! But, I think jalapenos have been winning in terms of recipe popularity. It seems that everyone loves jalapenos! Once you’ve finished with this recipe, I encourage you to consider my 3 Cheese Jalapeno Poppers, these Jalapeno Corn Muffins, and also, my Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad. If you’ve never grilled jalapenos before, you must try it! FRYING JALAPENOS In this recipe, the pork and the sliced jalapenos are tossed in the same batter and fried in the same manner. I sliced the jalapenos about 1/4 inch thick and left the seeds in. As you know, Dear Reader, it’s the seeds that make the jalapenos spicy. If you remove them, the jalapeno is mild and sweet. Because I wanted the spiciness, I left the seeds in. If you want to remove the seeds, I would suggest you prepare your jalapenos differently. Rather than slice them, cut…

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Ginger Pear Drink. Amazing Cleaner That Flush Out Toxins & Burns Fat
Ginger Pear Drink

Ginger Pear Drink. Amazing Cleaner That Flush Out Toxins & Burns Fat

Ginger Pear Drink Today, by reading this article you’ll learn how to prepare a powerful drink that strengthens the immune system and cleanses the whole body of the toxins-the pear-ginger drink. Unquestionably, ginger is among the most beneficial spices or herbs you can use. It includes a number of helpful properties that assist in the case of numerous health issues. It may be consumed like a food health supplement or like a tea. This unique root features a lot of functions, it may be used towards cancer, it may literally eliminate ovarian malignancy cells it will reduce the possibility of the irritable intestinal syndrome. Furthermore, ginger could be of fantastic help with losing weight, since it activates the actual digestive fruit juices, and the functionality of the digestive tract is enhanced. You’ve probably known about the health benefits of ginger, but now is the time to combine it with sweet pears. This drink is very easy to make and as soon as you get the needed ingredients you can prepare this amazing drink. Medical studies have shown that this combination helps in strengthening and cleansing the body. The sweet pears are rich in dietary fibers that affect the digestive system and the cardiovascular system positively. Ingredients: 3 cleaned and peeled pears2 circles(thin) of gingerhalf a cucumberhalf a lemon- peeled Preparation Method: Place all…

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Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe – Make Your Home Smell Like Autumn!
Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe

Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe – Make Your Home Smell Like Autumn!

Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe Get the how-to for this FALL inspired Fall Stove Top Potpourri that will make your home smell amazing for the autumn season. One of my favorite ways to make our home cozy and welcoming, and to feel like a super homemaker;) is to make sure our house is smelling good. Whether it's with candles, an essential oil diffuser, some from scratch baking, or a stovetop potpourri, a good smelling house is a must. Our home is pretty old and doesn’t always smell great naturally, so I try to constantly remember to have a diffuser, potpourri, or something else going. It's especially important to me if I have guests coming over! I love that the change in seasons brings a completely different change in smells. Incorporating seasonal smells into your home is such a fun way to embrace each season as it comes. Spring and summer might be the smell of lemons, limes, and mint. Winter always reminds me of fresh pine! And fall, of course, is the smell of pumpkin, cinnamon, apples, etc. If you are all for FALL and you’re ready to jump headfirst into getting yourself and your home ready for the new season, then get this stovetop potpourri going asap. Next, give your porch an uplift with some fall decor and a pretty wreath. Then, start…

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Healthy Breakfast Options for People using Chemotherapy

Healthy Breakfast Options People using Chemotherapy is an ordinary treatment for malignancy. Yet, it makes broad harm the body. What’s more, a portion of that harm is to the mouth influencing taste. Chemotherapy likewise causes mouth injuries which can influence what sustenances you can eat. Another symptom of chemotherapy is queasiness and spewing. Due to these symptoms, numerous malignant growth patients who have utilized chemotherapy drugs have a troublesome time discovering sustenances they appreciate. So here are some engaging and sound breakfast choices. (Make sure to look at these lunch alternatives and supper formulas also!) 1) Oatmeal I’m not discussing moment oats that originate from a bundle. I mean genuine oats (steel-cut oats, brisk oats, or ‘antiquated’ moved oats. It genuinely doesn’t take long to get ready). Moment cereal from parcels contains a lot of sugar just as shading (red 40, blue 1, blue 2, yellow 5, yellow 6) that has not exclusively been connected to malignancy, yet in addition issues in youngsters including hypersensitivities, hyperactivity, and peevishness. Furthermore, a portion of these sustenance colorings is even restricted in a few sections of the world. Well done. So why hazard your wellbeing when it’s anything but difficult to dodge. On the off chance that you find that the cereal is excessively flat (either as a result of the manner in which it’s readied…

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Pasta is one of my absolute favourite things to eat, and when I made this one, I knew I had to share. It’s pretty much making a quick white sauce, then blending it with sun dried tomatoes which brings a burst a flavour! Adding chilli flakes gives it some heat, so you add up with a very tasty creamy and spicy sun dried tomato sauce. As well as being vegan, this pasta recipe is: made mostly from ingredients that you can keep in your pantry, making it easy for those nights you need to whip up a dinner last minute quick to make, about 30 minutes (+ however long it takes to cook your pasta) gluten free if you use gluten free pasta creamy spicy sun dried tomato pasta creamy spicy sun dried tomato pasta creamy spicy sun dried tomato pastaSOME NOTES FOR YOU: I used jarred sun dried tomatoes that also had herbs and garlic included. I haven’t tried using sun dried tomatoes that aren’t in oil and without the extra flavourings yet so I’m unsure if this would effect the flavour. If you give it a go, I would love to know how it went in the comments! To make this gluten free, use your favourite gluten free pasta. I love Explore Cuisine organic chickpea pasta. I found it has a…


7 Foods that put you to sleep instantly

Do you experience issues in nodding off or awakening during the night? Getting enough rest is urgent for being solid. Some medical problems, for example, heftiness, abnormal amounts of pressure, hypertension, cardiovascular afflictions, type 2-diabetes, etc, may prompt genuine rest issue Over 60% of the general population in USA have resting issues. Adjusted eating routine, satisfactory rest and ordinary physical movement are critical for your wellbeing. Before you choose some tranquilizers or pills ensure you get to your eating routine first. In the content underneath there is a rundown of seven kinds of nourishment which can assist you with restoring your rest cycle. Bananas Take one banana each prior night you rest. In the event that you experience the ill effects of diabetes, you should take a half one. This will bring down your sugar content. Bananas are wealthy in potassium which aides in the counteractive action of night issues. They likewise contain magnesium which gives muscle unwinding and more profound rest. Expending bananas before sleep time will enable you to battle a sleeping disorder because of the elevated amounts of tryptophan. Salmon As per the investigations, salmon is wealthy in omega-3-unsaturated fats which diminish the feelings of anxiety and help your body to unwind. In addition, it contains nutrient B6 which builds the incitement of melatonin, the rest hormone. Its rich protein…

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Greek Grilled Chicken & Hummus Wrap
Greek Grilled Chicken

Greek Grilled Chicken & Hummus Wrap

Greek Grilled Chicken & Hummus Wrap Yield: 4 large wraps Ingredients 1 1/2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breastsOlive oilSalt and freshly ground black pepper6 Tbsp Greek vinaigrette dressing4 (10-inch, burrito size) flour tortillas (wheat, low carb or spinach is fine)3/4 cup hummus, store-bought or homemade (homemade recipe in notes below)3 cups chopped romaine lettuce2 medium Roma tomatoes, diced1 medium cucumber, peeled and diced1/2 cup (2.5 oz) feta cheese, crumbledSee a Chicken Broccoli Divan RecipeRecipes by Campbell'sDirections Greek Grilled Chicken & Hummus Wrap Preheat a grilled over medium-high heat to 425 degrees. Pound chicken to an even thickness using the flat side of a meat mallet. Brush chicken breasts lightly with about 1 Tbsp olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Brush grilled grates lightly with oil, and grill chicken, rotating once halfway through cooking until it registers 165 in the center on an instant-read thermometer, about 6 - 8 minutes. Transfer to a plate, cover with foil, let rest 10 minutes then dice into cubes. Transfer chicken to a bowl, pour vinaigrette over chicken and toss to evenly coat.To assemble wraps spread about 3 Tbsp hummus over each tortilla, top with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and feta cheese and wrap tortillas.Recipe source: adapted from KraftNotes For the homemade hummus - to a food processor add 1 (14.5 oz) can drained chickpeas, 3 1/2…

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Grilled Salmon with Avocado Chimichurri

A flavorful and delicious grilled salmon topped with a bright and irresistable Avocado Chimichurri. The perfect flavor combination!   Salmon is a go-to dinner dish at my house not only because it’s healthy and so delicious but also because it’s so quick and easy to prepare. Plus the flavoring and topping options are endless! One of my favorite things to pair with salmon is creamy avocados and a generous spritz of bright, fresh citrus. Here you get not only both of those but also the delicious flavor addition of an herby chimichurri sauce!  Why didn’t I think of this before?? Avocado chimichurri! Yes and YES! Tons of fresh herbs, a fair amount of garlic, some rich extra virgin olive oil, a zip of red wine vinegar and lemon juice, plus those lusciously creamy avocados. Oh this is good! And this avocado chimichurri is not just for topping on salmon. Of course this would also be delicious on poultry or beef as well. But do try it with the salmon at least once. And then you’ll be hooked and want to make it forever more. This is definitely a recipe I’ll be repeating! And don’t judge before you try this – I know many of you that have made chimichurri will look at the water in the ingredients and go “say what?!” There’s already…

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Vegan Bean and No Bacon Soup

When you’re feeling under the weather, in need of comfort, or just downright cold, this Bean and No Bacon Soup is sure to do the trick of helping you feel back to your best! I hate to say it. Maybe if I don’t say it, it won’t actually be true. No, it’s true. The chill is near. Although in my neck of the woods, we’re still hitting 80 degree weather during the day, the mornings and evenings definitely are cold. Now in the mornings, I immediately step into my slippers and throw on a hoodie. Then when I sit down to work, chances are, I’m also throwing my big comfy blanket over my lap. And you know what the cold means, right? Sniffles and sore throats. Coughs and body aches. They’re all right around the corner, and I’m pretty much dreading that occasion When I was a kid, one of my favorite soups ever was Campbells Bean with Bacon Soup. It’s really the only thing I wanted when I was sick. Sometimes I’d even take a couple spoonfuls of the canned soup before mixing it with water and heating it up. I loved that stuff. In fact, it wasn’t until the first time I got sick post-vegetarianism that I realized I wouldn’t get to enjoy that comforting steamy bowl of soup ever again. What…

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Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup
Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup

Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup

Right now Pot Chicken Taco Soup formula is loaded up with delicate destroyed chicken and heaps of essential washroom staples for a brisk and simple supper your entire family will love! Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup In the event that you haven't obtained yourself a weight cooker yet, jump on it! This formula is simply one more case of the fact that it is so natural to make a delectable dinner in minutes! After I shared my Quick and Easy Taco Soup formula I had such huge numbers of you reveal to me that you generally hurl in some Hidden Valley® Ranch Seasoning toward the end. I was very captivated, so I figured I out it an attempt myself. Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup Not exclusively is this formula speedy and simple, since it essentially contains all the washroom staples that my we store as a family, however, I can likewise rapidly get everything at Walmart, which makes my life so a lot simpler. I discovered this Hidden Valley Ranch flavoring and serving of mixed greens dressing blend in the plate of mixed greens dressing isle of Walmart close to the finish of the aisle by the other flavoring and sauce blend bundles. I cherish that I can utilize the shaker can again and again! It's ideal for plunges, dressings and adding somewhat…

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