DIY Garlic Shampoo To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Prevent Hair Loss

DIY Garlic Shampoo To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Prevent Hair Loss

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One of the most annoying problems that affect our confidence is definitely dandruff. Dandruff is sending us directly to the hat store and forbids us wearing dark clothes. Most people think that dandruff is just a cosmetic problem, but it’s not. Doctors say that the cause of dandruff appearance is unclear, but it is believed to involve a number of genetic and environmental factors. So, dandruff is definitely not a poor hygiene problem. It is said that dandruff is most common in men than women due to the effects of testosterone.

My husband struggled with dandruff for several years until he managed to keep it under control. After trying all sorts of dandruff shampoos, scalp oils, and treatments, he successfully managed to stop dandruff with garlic. Actually, grandma recommended this natural garlic shampoo which is almost good for any scalp disorder. In addition, it is also great for hair growth.

Here are a few benefits of garlic for hair growth:

1. Garlic has anti-microbial properties that help kill germs and bacteria, which are responsible for causing damage to the scalp, further inhibiting hair growth.
2. Raw garlic is known to be rich in vitamin C content that is great for promoting hair health. It also boosts collagen production that helps stimulate hair growth.
3. The presence of selenium content in garlic helps boost blood circulation for maximum nourishment.
4. It also helps cleanse hair follicles, strengthens them and prevents clogging, further curbing hair loss.
5. Garlic helps calm aggravated scalp and treats issues like dandruff.

How does garlic help control dandruff?

Garlic is believed to be an excellent herbal remedy to get rid of this skin condition because of its high vitamin and mineral content that provides nourishment to the hair and scalp. It will also clear most scalp infections, making it an ideal antidote for treating dandruff.

How to prepare Dandruff Garlic Shampoo

You need:10-15 big garlic cloves (it’s best to use good quality garlic)1 tablespoon of aloe vera2 tablespoons of ginger powder A few drops of ylang-ylang

How to prepare: Peel the garlic cloves and wash them under the running water then mash the garlic cloves in a mortar to make a smooth and creamy paste. While you’re grinding the garlic cloves just add 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel. You’ll get a smoother consistency. Now mix this paste with a mild shampoo that contains fewer chemicals. After mixing the garlic paste with the shampoo it time to add the ginger powder and ylang-ylang drops. Mix again and use this shampoo once a week.

How to use Dandruff Garlic ShampooBefore washing, oil-massage your hair and let the oil penetrate for around one hour. Shake the shampoo bottle well and take a small amount to lather up. Keep the shampoo for 3-4 minutes and then rinse off with plain water. If the pungent smell is still bothering you, use a fragrant conditioner to make your hair smell good

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