Fall Garden Maintenance: Autumn Garden Ideas And Tips

Fall Garden Maintenance: Autumn Garden Ideas And Tips

Fall Garden Maintenance: Autumn Garden Ideas And Tips

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Autumn is the best time to enter in to your garden. This is the time where your soil still contains a bit of warmth before the winter hits. So, spend some quality time caring for your favorite vegetables in your yard. Here are some tips and ideas to maintain fall garden in the best way.

  • Clear Out The Vegetable Garden:

So after the growing season, make sure to pull everything out of your garden until you see no decaying plant left over in your yard.

  • Plant New Plants:

Plant some spring bulbs and cool crops to fill in gaps in the landscape and brighten up the end of season garden.
After finishing fall garden maintenance, it’s time for you to plant shrubs and trees in your garden.

  • Mulch For Your Garden:

Mulch helps the soil to hold the moisture and avoid weeds. So you need to water them regularly. Over time, mulch will break down in to soil and improve it by adding nutrients.

  • Autumn Clean:

Before overwintering tender plants, you must remove everything from the garden, sweep out plant debris and disinfect all paths staging. Ventilate your green house for the next couple of days to dry it thoroughly. For spring sowing and planting clean out pots and seed trays.

  • Cover Plants:

To keep hardy container gardens away from freezing like succulents, cover them with a trap. Make sure to bring delicate potted plants inside.

  • Fertilize Your Lawn:

Fertilizing your lawn ensure it stays green and healthy throughout the year. Autumn is the best time to fertilize as it protects your lawn over the winter. Fertilizing twice in a year gives you best results.

  • Make Your Own Compost:

Making your own compost will not only save your money, it also good for the environment too. Make sure you get the right balance between garden waste and kitchen scraps to make the compost for best results in the autumn season.

  • Store Garden Tools At Once Place:

Cleaning and stowing tools at one place saves your precious time when the busy spring season hits you!

  • Build A Garden Bed:

Garden bed is the perfect place to grow veggies or to act as a focal point in your garden. To build the best garden bed, first look out for perfect place because the levels of sun and shade will determine which plants to grow in your garden.
To get desired results, choose the best soil where your plants get enough nutrients for healthy growth.

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