Flaxseed Gel Recipe to Boost Hair Growth!

Flaxseed Gel Recipe to Boost Hair Growth!

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Hair growth is slower but to lose it you do not need much time. Hair loss occurs rapidly and treating it is quite taxing too.

Hair loss can occur due to several reasons and some of them are anemia, extreme stress work conditions, contraception pills, unhealthy scalp and also change in hair care products.

Some foods that we eat can also result in hair loss but on the contrary some of the foods like curry leaves, flax seeds, coconut, etc. Which are high in Vitamin E can result in rapid hair growth.

A lot of people these days are getting the hang of the flax seed gel recipe to boost hair growth rapidly. This natural remedy can help in growing your hair and has no chemical involved.

Before we understand the recipe let us quickly understand some of the benefits of flax seeds for hair growth.

Benefits of Flaxseeds for Hair Growth

Protects the Scalp Completely

Flax seeds can prevent the skin from being exposed to the sun and hair loss can also occur when the scalp is exposed too much to the UV rays too.

When you eat flax seeds or when you apply it in the form of gel your scalp is completely protected as the gel acts as a shield and protects the scalp.

Rich Source of Vitamin E

A lot of hair care industries use Vitamin E in manufacturing their products because Vitamin E is one of the key ingredients that are responsible for hair growth.

Also, Vitamin E keeps the skin healthy too. Flax seeds are loaded with Vitamin E and thus when the flaxseed gel is applied, the vitamin E present in the flaxseeds nourishes the scalp and helps in the growth of hair.

Can Effectively Fight the Enzyme that Causes Baldness

Men usually become bald quickly and the enzyme that causes the male baldness can be effectively fought with the help of flaxseeds gel. Consuming it as part of your diet or even applying it externally can result in quick hair growth.

Provides Total Conditioning

Along with all these things flax seeds are known to be a total conditioning formula for hair and it also balances the pH levels by regulating the sebaceous glands which are responsible for the generation of oil in the scalp.

Now that we have understood the benefits of flaxseeds in hair growth let us quickly understand the process to make the Flaxseeds gel. Below stated is the step by step process to prepare the flaxseed gel for healthy hair.

Flax Seed Gel Recipe to Boost Hair Growth


  • Flaxseeds – ½ bowl
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Coconut oil – 2-3 teaspoons

Steps to prepare the gel

  • Pour the water into a container and add the flaxseeds.
  • Boil the ingredients on low to medium flame and remember to stir the mixture unless a foamy gel starts floating in the water.
  • The gel-like substance would resemble egg white and this has to be transferred to a container through a straining process or using a thin cloth to squeeze the gel from the flaxseeds. Once the gel is collected, cool it and then mix it with coconut oil and store it in a cool and dry place.

How to Use This Gel?

  • Remember to use this mixture every day until you see results as expected.
  • Massage the scalp with this gel and leave it overnight with a shower cap on.
  • The next day morning, rinse your hair with lukewarm water and wash it off using a mild shampoo that does not contain too many chemicals in it.
  • Repeat this step until you see the desired results. Since this gel is homemade there would not be any side effects as well.

If used properly the gel can help in boosting the growth of hairs and allowing you to condition your hair well with the gel.

The gel can be easily prepared at home and can be used for healthily growing your hair. The flaxseed recipe is tried and tested by several people and has helped to get the hair volume as promised by the recipe.

Try using the gel for your hair regularly and maintain their health to create the desired bounce for them.

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