Gardening tools 2020 for your home gardening

Gardening tools 2020 for your home gardening

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Gardening tools 2020

After a tiring day at the office or completing all the household chores, we might think of taking up a hobby which can help relieve stress. Many might not know what kind of hobby should we take up. This is one of the best choices according to many sources. Gardening tool for home gardening. Gardening has been taken up as a practice for ages. This has many benefits like Gardening tools 2020

Gardening tools 2020
Gardening tools 2020
  • We can sow fruits, vegetables, pulses of our choice.
  • The crops we sow is free from pesticides and insecticides. 
  • We can gulp on fresh fruits, veggies. This can keep us healthy.
  • Exposure to fresh air.

Gardening differs from agriculture. It is done on a small scale whereas agriculture is done on a large scale. Gardening is a part of horticulture. Horticulture refers to the agriculture of plants. It is mainly for food, comfort, and decor. If there’s some empty space at your backyard and do not know what to do with that, start organic gardening. Every household is taking up organic gardening in their free time to stay healthy. The soil must be fertile enough for the seeds to grow and produce fruits or any other produce. Gardening is one way to promote greenery. We can sow seeds according to the changing seasons. After picking up the seeds, we need some gardening tools for the process. These tools differ from that of agricultural ones. Gardening tools for gardening home are of 2 kinds: Hand tools and Power tools.

Gardening tools 2020
Gardening tools 2020
  • Hand tools: 

These tools are the basic ones used in organic gardening.

Axe, Sickle, Fork, Rake, Shovel, Trowel, Spade are some hand tools.

  • Power tools: 

These are power generated tools used. They are humongous in size.

Lawn aerators, Mini tractors, leaf blowers, lawn sweepers are a few tools to name. If you are a newbie at gardening, then here is a list of gardening tools for beginners that can be used :

  • Gloves: 

It is essential to wear gloves as a part of gardening. It keeps away from insects that can be harmful to us. Water-resistant gloves of a good fabric is a better choice for gardening.   

Pruners are used to carve out dead parts/unwanted parts of a plant. The sharp blades of a pruner are available in different shapes. Using sharpened Pruners avoids bluntness.

  • Garden fork: 

Garden fork is another essential tool for digging the soil. They dig deeper than that of digging with a spade.

  • Spade: 

Another tool used for digging the soil. Spades are available in short and long handles. They also help in moving dirt. 

  • Hose: 

An easy to use tool to spray water in your garden. Water is sprayed on every corner of the garden. The water pressure depends upon the hose length. 

  • Watering can: 

A can that can store water and can be carried anywhere. These cans are available in plastic as well as the metal of different shapes, sizes, and colors. It is better to prefer plastic over metal as it’s easy to carry and use it.

  • Rake: 

A rake removes debris and leaves from the garden. It is available in different sizes. Steel and plastic are two components of rakes. Preferring a steel one is better for removing the debris.

  • Hand trowel: 

Hand trowels remove weeds and also help in planting containers. A trowel of broad size is a good choice for digging deeper and removing weeds. Trowels are available in triangular flat and other shapes. 

These are some gardening tools for home gardening names that can help beginners for a fresh start to gardening. You can purchase them online or from outside. One should purchase the tools as per the requirements. Gardening is simply the best hobby to relax these days. Happy Gardening you all!

Gardening tools for home gardening
Gardening tools for home gardening

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