Grow Unlimited Basil At Home In 60 Days

Grow Unlimited Basil

Grow Unlimited Basil At Home In 60 Days

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Grow Unlimited Basil At Home In 60 Days

Grow Unlimited Basil is a culinary herb that belongs to the mint family. This herb is known for its health benefits due to its anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties. Do you know you can produce unlimited basil in your place if you are living in a warm place and above 20 degrees with sunlight?
You can easily turn one basil plant from the supermarket into 12. But, you should buy the first basil plant along with its roots rather than cutting basil to make it a success.

Grow Unlimited Basil
Grow Unlimited Basil

Let’s see how you can produce those unlimited basil plants and what are the things you need in this article.

Things You Need To Grow Unlimited Basil:

  • 1 supermarket basil pot plant
  • 12 small pots with holes for proper drainage
  • Potting compost
  • Few mugs
  • Trays for pots

Let’s See the step by step process to grow unlimited basil in your home.

Step 1:

Take Off Cuttings:
From the supermarket, take off the cuttings of basil from the second node. Its where the plant produces its hormones for created roots. So, cutting just below the second node will help the plant to grow faster.

Step 2:

Remove its Lower Leaves And Place It In Water:
Take a mug and fill it with ¾ of water and place two nodes by removing leaves of it. Make sure to have 4-6 basil leaves at the top of the plant and don’t use a glass to light on the roots, often results in causing roots to rot.

Step 3:

Keep The Cuttings And Host Basil In A Warm Place Where It Gets Indirect Sunlight:
Basil cuttings can’t thrive in direct sunlight, so place them in indirect sunlight for 2 weeks. Change the water every week.

Step 4:

Place The Rooted Basil In a Pot:
After two weeks in indirect sunlight, the basil leaves turn in to dark green color and have a root structure of several inches. Now, pot these cuttings into compost and place them in the direct sunlight.
If you see them not growing well, then cover basil plants with a clean bag to make a mini beautiful greenhouse.

Step 5:

Cut The Tops Of Basil Plant:
After three weeks of growing in soil, you will see your basil plants with long stems. It puts all of its efforts into the top of the plant; you can either use them in your salads by cutting them or to make new plants.

Cutting the top of the basil plant will encourage it to become nice bushy basil and the bottom small basil leaves to grow. Just enjoy cutting all the top basil leaves harvested from the side while the tops and stems are used to repeat the step for producing more plants.

Step 6:

Harvest And Repeat:
Choose a spot where the plant gets direct sunlight and warm enough to support their healthy growth. Warm for 2-3 weeks and water them twice a week, probably after 60 days you can see lots of basil in your place.

Use step 1 again to produce more basil in your home and enjoy its more benefits.

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