Growing Cucumbers, Everything You Need to Know Garden and home tips

Growing Cucumbers, Everything You Need to Know Garden and home tips

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Eating those fresh crunchy cucumbers from your own garden will taste far better than you buy in the store. You can find numerous varieties when it comes to growing cucumbers and some common ones are the long skinny edible one, the slicing one, the smaller one which is often used for pickling. Garden and home tips
This vegetable can be grown easily in a garden bed or in a container. If you want to grow cucumbers in your garden, here are some tips and tricks to consider for a healthy crop.

garden and home tips
garden and home tips
Where To Plant Cucumbers?

Cucumber can easily thrive in hot weather and plenty of water. So choose a spot where it gets more than 6-7 hours of sunlight in a day and they do require rich, fertile soil that allows drainage. You can even grow this plant near the wall which gives support to your cucumber plant.

If you want to grow cucumbers in pots, then put 2-3 inches of gravel or small rocks inside the container or pot for proper drainage. If they already have drain holes, then you should drill a couple of small holes at the bottom of the container so they don’t hold enough water for their growth.

What Type Of Soil Is Used For Growing Cucumbers?

The ideal temperature and ph value of cucumbers should be 70 degrees centigrade and 6.0-6.8. It may help to work some high quality, well-rotted compost into the soil. Don’t forget to mix the soil and compost perfectly before planting them, once it is done pour it in the container or plot on the ground.

Make sure to plant the seeds 1-2 inches deep and space them a foot or three feet apart.

How Much Water Do They Need?

You must water them once in a week about one inch and they need more water if the weather is really hot. Do not water the cucumbers when they are in direct sunlight which results in scorch them and ruin all your hard work. It’s best to water them in the evening time when the heat has cooled down.

Add mulch on the top layer of the soil which keeps the moisture in and acts as an insulator. This also helps in preventing weeds and grass from growing since they have a tough time getting through all the mulch.

When Is The Best Time To Harvest Cucumbers?
garden and home tips
garden and home tips

It totally depends on you. But it’s better to get your cucumbers when they are 3-4 inches long and plump, nice. Check your vines every day or every other day as they grow very fast.

Pests And Diseases To Take Care Off: Garden and home tips
  • Squash bugs may attack seedlings.
  • Aphids are a nuisance but can be managed with proper care.
  • Applying fungicides to the leaves of the cucumbers can easily prevent powdery mildew.
  • Cucumber beetle also results in causing holes and white spots on the leaves of the cucumber plant. It can be easily prevented by using fungicides and pesticides.
  • If you want to control or fewer the pest problems, plant your cucumbers plants along with sunflower and marigold to keep away common garden pests. Even tomato plants work well with cucumber plants.
Some Tips For Growing Cucumber Plants:
  • Take suggestions from your local farmer or gardener to choose the best variety of cucumber to grow in your garden.
  • Grow cucumber in full sun, rich soil with good drainage.
  • Start growing cucumber after the first frost date and plant seeds 1-2 inches deeper. Deeper the seeds result in giving stronger and healthier cucumbers.
  • Fertilize them every week and don’t touch your plants or leaves along with the fertilizer.
  • Placing newspaper sheets on the soil of your cucumber plants helps in preventing weeds and grass from coming up.
  • Water your cucumber plants either the sun comes up or after the sunsets. Never water them when the water is shining upon them.
  • Make sure to read the labels of insecticides carefully before using them on your plants.
  • Once the cucumber starts growing you must harvest them every day or every other day to prevent them overgrowing.

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