Herbs That Grow Together In A Pot

Herbs That Grow Together In A Pot

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Having your own herb garden and using it in your delicious dishes is the best thing to experience. Almost all herbs can co-exist and some herbs can be plant together in just one pot or into the herb garden for full healthy harvest in no time.

Growing herbs together will save water, tastes better and will give you the best results when they have similar sun, soil and water preferences.

Herbs That Grow Together:

Herbs That Grow Together In A Pot
Herbs That Grow Together In A Pot

While growing herbs together, use a pot that is 12 inches in diameter and pair plants that have a similar requirement of sun, water, soil. Herbs in one pot look pretty and keep your plants small.
Consider height while selecting herbs to grow together. Tall herbs like fennel look ridiculous with the smaller pot and they may even become too taller and make the container to fall over.

What Herbs Will Grow In One Pot:

Below are a few herbs that grow well together and adds some green to your garden.
For example, Mediterranean herbs grow well with full sun and prefer more moisture in the soil. Plants include:

  • Thyme(Thyme can be grown along with rosemary or sage)
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Marjoram

Other plants include


Basil grows well in a warm, bright and sheltered spot. Don’t allow the water to settle down in its root for a longer time, give them space to dry well and make sure to water it every morning.


Herbs That Grow Together In A Pot

However, parsley is a slow-growing plant from seeds, but once it is established will give you leaves nearly 2 years before it flowers and dies.

  • Cilantro and
  • Tarragon

All the above plants should be grouped in a pot to grow well. For truly aromatic planting try growing lemon verbena along with lemon thyme together. The lemon thyme will spread around the roots of verbena to retain moisture. The aroma of these two herbs is simply awesome.

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