How To Care For A Jade Plant

How To Care For A Jade Plant

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Jade plant is also called a money plant or dollar plant and extremely popular succulent houseplant with fleshy and oval-shaped leaves. This plant belongs to the crassula ovata family and has been traditionally thought of as a token of good luck.

How To Care For A Jade Plant

You can easily find several species that can be seen and labeled as jade plants in garden centers, but they share cultural requirements too. They just need a handful of water and plenty of sunlight to develop their full potential. With the proper care, it can produce beautiful white flowers in the late winter which makes it an attractive fragrant display in your home.

How To Care For A Jade Plant

Planting And Caring:

How To Plant And Care Jade:

  • Choose a wide and sturdy pot with moderate depth and fill it with soil that drains thoroughly with an ideal PH around 6.0 or use all potting mix to grow this plant.
  • Jade plants prefer full sun, but they don’t necessarily need full sun all day long. It only needs 4 to 5 hours of sunlight in a day to thrive healthily.
  • A window that faces the southern side of your home will work best for your new jade plant. Because this side of your home allows plenty of sunlight will reach your plant without exposing to an excessive amount of sunlight.

Keep your plants soil damp in the spring and summer season. Water it enough to moisten the soil, but don’t overwater it. Reduce watering to monthly in the winter.

Usage Of Fertilizer:

Many people try to underfeed their home succulents, especially during their growing season. Just use fertilizer at the beginning of the season or use weak liquid solution. Use a balanced fertilizer at one-quarter length on mature plants and fertilizer with less nitrogen on young plants.

Fungal Diseases:

Never leave these succulents too dry or too wet as they are more susceptible to mealy bugs or fungal diseases. If your water beneath by letting the plant sit in heavy amount of water, make sure to pour off any excess amount of water after a few minutes

Repotting Jade Plant:

Repot your jade plants every 2-3 years to encourage its growth. Just transplant them in the early spring just before the growing season begins. After repotting don’t water the plant for a week, wait before a month for fertilizing to avoid burning of fresh roots.

Propagating Jade Plant:

Use a cutting to start from a new plant. Start by trimming three inches deep of the plant or leaf and set the branch in the warm place until the cut spot heals.
Set the healed branch on the set of the soil and vermiculite. Don’t forget to water the cuttings until they put out roots that take hold.

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