How To Clean Plant Leaves On Houseplants -Top Tips

How To Clean Plant Leaves On Houseplants -Top Tips

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Houseplants are a great way to add a little more beauty and great appearance to your home. They help us in many ways like purifies air around us, gives us sound sleep, has positive effects on our mood and keeps us healthy.

You will surprise that grooming your house plants can be one of the most time consuming parts of caring for them and with good reason. Proper grooming might take some more time, but it enhances it appearance and keeps them healthy.

So, what we need to do keep our plants healthy and to maintain clean and healthy leaves? Check out the article to know the top tips of cleaning your houseplants.

Tips For Cleaning Leaves of Houseplants:

Wipe Down The Leaves With A Wet Cloth:

Clean the leaves by wiping them with a wet cloth. Make sure you took the support of your hand to hold the leaf to avoid cracking or brushing them. Never use oils or polishes to make them shine, it might result in forming black pores and interfere with a plants ability to breathe.

Shower Your Plants With Room Temperature Water:

Place your plant in a shower or a sink and use a soft stream to rinse the leaves. Allow the plants to drip dry before placing it in the sun.
Another simple way to clean your small houseplants is to support them and their soil with your fingers and turn them upside down then slowly swishes their leaves in tepid water.

Keep The surface Of The Soil Clean:

After cleaning your leaves make sure they are no dead leaves, fallen blossoms or other debris on the surface of soil.

Trim Off Diseased And Damaged Leaves:

Plant leaves can easily damage by pests and sometimes they become faded or blighted. So, it’s better to trim the leaves to improve its appearance and to become healthy.
Leaves that turned yellow completely should be snipped off at the base using the sharp clean scissors. Or else pull out damaged leaf off from the plant and clean implement to avoid further damage to the plant.

Dead Heading Is Crucial:

Dead Heading is important to improve the appearance of the plant and to encourage more blooms. It also helps to prevent fungal diseases, pest infestations etc.
If you have potted plants that tend to shed pollen, then you need to remove the anthers as soon as possible. Doing this will keep the plant tidy and help flowers to last longer than you expected.

Don’t Forget To Trip And Shape Hanging Plants:

Every house plant or any other plant in the garden need occasional pruning to remove dead leaves and to maintain its perfect shape, especially for hanging plants or vines.
So, keep an eye on your houseplants and take care of any trimming and shaping that needs to be done at a time. Always use clean and sharp scissors to trip and prune your plants.

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