How to Crops To Grow At Home

How to Crops To Grow At Home

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Crops To Grow At Home

Ever thought of cultivating crops and selling it but don’t know which one to cultivate?’Indoor farming’ is the hottest trend in the market right now. This has become an open door to promote agricultural activities. Indoor home farming is the most profitable business due to which the owner, as well as the customers, are benefited from this. There might be a question that how is that possible? The customers will get to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses that are free from pesticides and insecticides. The owner will get huge profits and he/she can cultivate crops to grow at home for them too.

Given below is the list of crops to grow at home from which we can benefit:

1. Mushrooms 

What comes to your mind when you see a mushroom? The majority of you might answer an umbrella. Mushroom is a ‘fungus’ and grows in dark, damp places, it is not a crop. We often see them in dense forests. Not all mushrooms are edible. This ‘fungus’ can be grown indoors too. Oysters and Shiitake are two kinds that can be grown indoors. We have to really be careful in picking the best mushrooms. As looking for a business this is one of the most profitable crops in the world.

2. Herbs

These medicinal plants are also one of the most profitable crops in the world. There are many to name but the most popular ones are parsley, basil, oregano, cilantro or coriander in simple words, rosemary, mint. Many people use this herb. Oregano is widely used by pizzerias’, cilantro is used for culinary purposes, mint acts as a mouth freshener and also has medicinal properties. Herbs business is also going to option for Crops to grow at home.

3. Flowers

Vibrant colors and fragrance are two features that make flowers attractive. Tell me a place where we do not use flowers? Flowers help in the making of almost everything from bouquets to garlands, etc. We can make money with this business too, so this can be another most profitable crops too.

If you do not want to grow these crops, there are many others that can be sown at home.

4. Tomatoes 

The red, tempting crop can be grown fresh at home by sowing tiny tomatoes or tomato seeds in the soil. The best thing about tomatoes is that they grow faster than any other crop. We can grow them in containers too.

5. Potatoes

Have you ever observed tiny white bulb-like structures on the potatoes? Cut off these bulbs and cultivate them. They grow inside the soil. This one the great idea of home farming.

6. Spinach 

This green veggie is rich in proteins and vitamins. Take few spinach leaves that are small in size and sow it in the soil.

7. Onions 

Harvestation of these pink bulbs is done at home as well Take the bulb of this vegetable, sow it in the soil. From seeds, the onions grow. 

8. Garlic 

The strong-odor crop is a part of the onion family is grown by sowing garlic cloves in the soil. They help in the nail, hair growth.

9. Curry leaves 

This crop can be grown by taking the stem of the plant. Curry leaves help widely in cooking purposes. We can also make hair oil using this crop which helps in reducing hair fall problems.

10. Radish 

Cut off the uppermost part of radish and cultivate it in the soil. This crop too grows underground just like potatoes.

11. Strawberries 

By sowing the top portion of the fruit or either by fruits, strawberries can be grown at home easily. 

Carrots, other green leafy vegetables can grow indoors. The soil must be fertile for the crops to grow. Provide the crop with sufficient sunlight and water. Do not use any pesticides or insecticides on them. This might harm the crops. Following these tips will make the crop grow healthy and can be consumed fresh. Schools and colleges must implement indoor farming as one of the subjects in the curriculum. In this way, the students will have an awareness of agriculture. Let us hope that the government will impart this soon.

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