How to Effectively Fix a Patchy Beard

How to Effectively Fix a Patchy Beard

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Many men feel bad that they look bad because of the patchy beard they have. Patchy beard is nothing but uneven patches in between the hairs where the hair hasn’t grown or is lighter compared to other areas.

They always find a way to fix these patches so that they look smart and cute. Of course, men are complete with their beards. What else do they long for?

So, this article explains various methods that are needed to be followed to get rid of the patchy beard. To get a full and luxurious beard, follow the following tips.

1. It’s simple – Grow It

Men do not have the patience to wait for the beard to grow. They give up at an early stage. But this is because they feel some itchiness and other disturbances like difficulty in eating food etc.

If you find that you have developed some patches in your beard, it is always advisable to wait and see whether it progresses or not. Please do not compare your beards with others since everyone has got their skin properties that would aid or destroy the beard.

You can set a goal if you want. You can take an oath that you will not cut your beard for some months. But if you find that giving the beard time to grow is not working, then it is better to shave it off. But first things first, give a chance.

2. Adore It

If you have reached your goal period, then it is better that you keep your beard without shaving it. Many men look handsome even in a patchy beard.

It can even become your signature. You can even shorten your beard and groom it a little so that it looks cool on you. You can always make up with whatever you have.

3. Take Care of It

Taking care of the beard doesn’t mean trimming. Beard is similar to other hair on your body. So, it is better to take good care of it and feel healthy. You can regularly groom your hair that would help with beard patchiness.

4. Diet

For anything and everything that is concerned with a human body, diet is a factor. Beard patchiness is no exception for this. When you have junk food, it not only affects your health but also your hair growth.

You must have an intake of food that is rich in vitamins and minerals that would help your beard grow. Instant changes in diet would not show any much effect but gradually, you can visualize some changes.

5. Exercise

Diet must always be accompanied by exercise so that your body would look fit. It boosts metabolism, increases the flow of blood and boosts the testosterone levels.

You would feel and look fitter when you do exercise regularly and your beard would look good too. You can often notice that bearded models always give pose while they are working out.

6. Rest

Take a very good rest whenever you have time. Numerous studies suggest that avoiding good sleep would definitely result in hair fall and thus patchiness in beards.

You would feel tired all day due to lack of sleep and the testosterone levels would be lowered. So never stay too late. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

7. Stress-Free

You might be working in a stressful environment where you would have to handle unnecessary stress for the whole day. Not only at work, but you can also feel stressful at home too. But consider it that stress can cause adverse effects on your body and hair.

It results in not eating a proper diet, not getting enough rest or sleep, etc., that would result in hair fall and patchy beard. Your hair’s color can also change due to stress.

Best Beard Products For Fixing Patchy Beard

Many good products can aid in growing a healthy and lustrous beard. These products understand your pain of growing and maintaining a good-looking beard without patchiness.

To combat all the issues concerned with a beard and its patchiness, these creams and oils are prescribed. Let us see some products that would take care of your beard for you.

1. Beard Wash

Washing is the first step for any treatment. So, you must have a good beard was that can clean and make your beard look fresh. Your facial hair is very different from other hair all through your body.

You can notice that it is a little rough and wiry. But your skin under the hair is very sensitive. Regular shampoos are not designed for use over facial hair and the skin underneath. So, you must buy a beard wash, especially for your beard.

When you clean your beard, it would initialize the beard growth. This would intend the patches in your beard to get filled. But make sure that you do not give up cleaning your beard separately.

The use of beard wash for a very short time would not show you many results. Prolonged usage would show good path growth.

2. Beard & Scruff Cream

Sometimes you get a beard and scruff cream in the market. This is similar to the beard and face wash. It is a conditioner that you can apply over the beard and leave it.

So, whenever you come out of a shower or you wash your beard with a beard wash, you can apply this cream and tone your beard. This reduces itching and patches up your beard so that it would look complete.

3. Thickening Beard Cream

For some men, instead of beard patches, the beard would look thin even though it has grown averagely. An answer to his problem is the beard thickening cream.

These creams have a very lightweight formula that acts massively upon the beard and stays on it non-greasily. This improves the thickness of the beard and makes it look broader and more.

4. Beard Oil

Beard oil is another essential product that increases the volume of your beard. It relieves your beard skin from itchiness because it is made up of natural oils.

It adds nourishment and moisture to the skin and beard and this allows you to make your hair grow faster.

5. Beard Brush

We have combs and brushes for our normal head hair. But beard brush is a little weird. But hey, jokes apart, the comb specially arranges your beard and it makes your hair devoid of all the knots in it.

Thus, it aids better in hiding the patches and it makes your face look clean and tidy too.

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