How to Grow a Beard for the First Time in 6 Easy Steps

How to Grow a Beard for the First Time in 6 Easy Steps

How to Grow a Beard for the First Time in 6 Easy Steps

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ou would have been a person who likes to grow a big and lustrous beard. Of course, you can have one if you follow these very few simple steps.

You would need a routine discipline. If you don’t have a natural beard then waiting for it to grow by itself is not really an option.

This article would lead you through a few simple steps that you can follow to grow a long beard.

1. Accept Your Genetics

We all have a hereditary inheritance. Everyone cannot grow thick facial hair or beard. So you can very well work with whatever you have got on your face and find yourself fresh and confident whenever you go to the office.

Everyone’s physiology is very different. If your ancestors had a great beard, then you will most probably inherit the quality and you would develop a lustrous beard. If your ancestors had a babyface, then no doubt, you would have one too.

Just learn to accept your hereditary and take necessary measures so that it does not affect your confidence and appearance.

2. Get to Know the Exact Reason

If you want to look more masculine, then you would definitely like to grow a beard. Sometimes you would be fascinated to grow a beard naturally.

Or you might be trying to cover a scar or acne in your face. Maybe you think that you would look confident if you grow a beard.

Whatever has urged you to grow a beard, just get a clear picture of what your true motive is. This would give you the right path to follow to grow the beard.

3. Surviving the First Week

If you are new to grow a beard then the first week would be an interesting one. It would be difficult to grow the beard and you would really find it difficult to survive the first week.

You must do one thing for sure, try to resist the temptation of shaving your growing beard. You will feel itching and scratching all over your beard area but you should have the heart to keep it for a long time.

Wash your beard every day so that you don’t feel the itch and you don’t get frustrated. The itching will not remain in its same intensity for much time. The reasons for your hair to itch are numerous.

Your skin could be dry, you might have stopped the regular shaving, your hair would be sharp so that it cuts the face often.

If you want to go through all these, then you need to be patient. You can overcome this itching by using some beard oil. Stay strong throughout the period.

4. Give it Some Time

A great looking beard can never be built in a single day. The temptation for you to clean shave your beard would be stronger in the initial stages.

You must stay strong and patient to let the stubble be on your face for some time so that it would grow into a beautiful beard.

You would need to let your beard grow for a minimum period of 4 weeks. Never even trim your beard before that. Your beard would be grown to a considerable height in four weeks and you would have overcome the feeling of shaving it down.

If you are not satisfied with your beard growth even after 4 months, then you can consider abandoning the plan of growing a beard.

If you are in your early 20’s, then you can wait for some years too because your hair is just growing and there is a greater probability that you could grow a great beard in your late 20’s.

5. Get Serious Guys

Now that after 4 weeks or so, you would have grown a nice beautiful lustrous beard. Now is when you should start taking care of your beard. Now it is time to work and you can never let nature top do the work.

You must do extra working and take good care of your beard so that it would make you look good. Here are few things that you can follow to maintain your beard in a great way.

6. Wash Regularly

Beards are natural napkins. Anything that goes or comes from your face, gets stuck in your beard. You would have to get used to such inconveniences.

You can keep your beard safe and sound from this external dirt by washing it regularly. You need to have a beard shampoo to clean these wastes from the beard. You can rinse it on some time and keep it fresh.

7. Use Conditioners

You can condition your beard with a good quality conditioner. It would hydrate your beard and relieve your beard from itching and other disturbances.

You can even apply a beard balm to condition your beard. More than these you have beard oil which would provide good lubrication to your beard. It would eliminate beard dandruff and increase the growth.

You can apply the conditioner or beard oil when your beard is still wet from a shower.

8. Trimming

You might not have trimmed your beard for 4 weeks by now. Now it is time to trim your beard. You have already proven that you can bear with the itching and other disturbances caused by beards.

Now you are qualified to grow long beards. You must keep some of the following points in your mind.

The shape of your face

If you have a rounded face, a square beard will suit you. So you can trim accordingly.

The shape of the neck

Whenever you trim, you must start from the neck. You can prefer to be trimmed by a professional because you must be amateur in trimming.

If you wish to trim your beard yourself, you can use a beard trimmer [to remove the excess hair, to define the neckline, etc. Then you can use an electric razor to shave the neck.

The shape of the cheek

The upper limit of the beard is defined by the cheek line. You just leave the cheek line naturally so that it would define you properly.

If your beard starts too high that it looks awkward on you, then you can define the cheek line a little lower.

Be patient

You would not be an expert in using a trimmer so be careful always when you trim your beard because it would ruin your look. Do not trim fully because it would ruin the effort that you have put while growing. Leave some for another day.

9. Take Care of Yourself

Of course, genetics plays a major role in bread growing but there are some things that you need to do while growing beard.


Losing your excess weight would increase the testosterone level that would, in turn, promote facial hair growth.

You can do intensive workouts for a short period of time every day to keep your testosterone level at check. Exercising improves the blood circulation in the body that enhances hair growth.


Exercise must always be accompanied by diet. A healthy diet is another way to boost testosterone levels and keep you healthy.

Never avoid food like spinach, olives, broccoli, nuts, etc. Eat food that is rich in zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamins, etc.


Rest is most needed for any human body. Getting adequate rest would definitely make you feel afresh and would increase your testosterone level. You can feel the freeness.


Stress is also one of the factors that would affect the growth of a beard. It messes with the hormones and increases hair fall. So, try and reduce the stress levels as much as you can. Do meditation and yoga to avoid stress.

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