How to Grow Long Healthy Hair for Men

How to Grow Long Healthy Hair for Men

How to Grow Long Healthy Hair for Men

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Everyone in this universe love hair. Be it, men or women, long, healthy hair is an attractive asset.

There are many procedures to get very strong hair. This article gives some tips regarding the hair growth process. hair growth process.

You can read this article and go for any of the methods that you are comfortable with and enjoy the long hair that grows.

You can get to know different methods and lifestyle changes that can indeed stimulate the growth of hair. Even if you have cut your hair too short, you can grow it in no time.

Treatments on Your Hair

1. Get a hot oil massage

According to science, hair growth initiates from the roots. So, if you keep your scalp and roots of the hair healthy, then the hair growth stimulation is done.

When you heat and apply oil to your hair and give a gentle massage, then this would prompt the growth of hair. Take some olive, argon oil or coconut oil and heat it to get warm.

Rub this on your scalp for 5 minutes and allow it to be on your scalp for at least 30 minutes. Now, rinse your hair with water.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Above all products, apple cider vinegar is a very famous hair product. It works well for hair, skin and other ailments too. It eccentrically stimulates hair growth.

Take one part of water and three parts of apple cider vinegar and mix them. You can transfer it to the spray bottle. Whenever you shower, you can spray this solution over your hair after shampoo.

Wait for 1 or two minutes and rinse your hair. Continue using this for some weeks and you can notice some change in hair growth.

3. Use a Good Conditioner

The growth of damaged hair is less than that of good hair. You can use a good hair conditioner to repair the hair follicles and increase your hair growth.

You can comfortably purchase a good quality conditioner in any medical stores or saloons. You must allow the conditioner to sit on your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Make an egg white and aloe mask

For centuries, people have been using aloe Vera and egg white for hair. These two increase the moisture content of the hair and make it look healthier.

Take an egg white and mix it with fresh aloe vera and apply it over your hair. Keep the mask for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse your hair.

5. Onion rinse

Onion is too good for hair. Cut onion and boil it in water for 10 minutes. Cool the water and apply this over your head and scalp. Onion consists of nutrients that are helpful for the hair’s growth. It also adds shine to the hair.

Keep it for some time and rinse with cold water. Make sure that you clear all the onion content from your hair so that you can avoid your hair getting a bad smell.

Making Lifestyle Changes

1. Avoid frequent brushing of hair.

Generally, you can brush your hair with an intention that it grows. But frequent brushing can bring about serious problems to your hair and scalp. Make sure that you just brush for 1 or 2 times a day. Not more than that.

Be very cautious about brushing your hair too much. Sometimes small hair that your scalp grows can be destroyed by frequent brushing.

Especially, you must take care that you shouldn’t brush your hair when your hair is wet because it would be very soft and fragile.

2. Avoid hot tools and chemicals.

Many women use hot tools such as irons, blow dryers over the hair. Chemicals such as smoothens and dyes are also applied frequently on the hair.

These things would damage your hair. These would make your hair look dull and frizzy and it will take longer for your hair to grow. You can avoid styling your hair with hot tools and dry it by cool means.

3. Change your bathing routine

Your scalp naturally produces oil that improves the health of your hair and speeds the growth rate. This might not make your hair look lovely.

If you wash your hair every day then these oils will be depleted and your scalp would become dry. You can go washing your hair a few times a week.

4. Supplements for hair growth.

Your hair needs vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. If you take these supplements regularly then you can increase its growth.

You can even consume biotin and fish oil which abundantly increase your hair and nail growths. Make sure that your regular food consists of minerals and vitamins that are essential for hair growth.

5. Choose the right shampoo.

There are many shampoos available in the market. Each shampoo would suit a different hair texture. But you should make sure that you select a shampoo that is devoid of silicone.

People would advertise that silicone is good for hair but it is very bad and it would block all the moisture and hinder your hair growth. You must use hair products that do not contain silicone.

6. Choose the right conditioner.

As described earlier, silicone dries out any moisture from your scalp. So choose a conditioner that is devoid of silicone. You can still avoid using conditioners.

7. Use cold water to wash your hair.

You would feel good to have a shower with warm water but science says that cold water is always good. The hot water opens the shaft of the hair strands allowing the escape of moisture.

The cool temperature in cold water would make the shaft stay in place and thus hold the moisture content in the scalp.

8. Maintain good health.

When people start losing hair, the first thing they would say is that they are losing their health.

The stress level, poor eating habits, and other bad procedures make the hair strands to fall off. It is always better to maintain good health and to avoid having unnecessary stress.

9. Keep your body hydrated.

When you drink a lot of water, your scalp gets hydrated and the hair loss can be reduced. Drink around 10 glasses of water every day for maintaining an adequate supply of water throughout your body.

10. Know when to cut your hair.

It is always better to know how to and when to cut your hair. There may be many ads and promotions that suggest you cut the hair often to have stylized hairs. But do not be deceived by those ads.

You should know when to cut your hair. When you go to a saloon, they might use certain solutions and gels to make your hair look beautiful but that you should certainly avoid because that might affect the health of your hair as well as your scalp. You can avoid frequent hair cuts and go for a cut at most of 3 times a year.

11. Use satin pillowcases.

This is, of course, a strange suggestion. People use so many materials of bedspreads and pillowcases. The truth is that these would affect your sleep as well as the health of your body.

The fabric of most pillows is cotton or other threads that cause hair fall. These pillow fabrics make your hair stiff and rough. It is always better to sleep with a satin pillow that would combat all the above said adverse effects.

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