How To Make Your Own Succulent Soil

How To Make Your Own Succulent Soil

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Succulent plants such as cactus, stonecrop sedums, haworthia varieties will thrive in little water and sunlight, just because of the soil they are in. Unfortunately, succulent soil is more expensive and that’s why we came here to show you how to make succulent soil for cheap! This succulent soil will help your succulent plants to grow healthy and all green year around.

Requirements Of The Best Soil Succulents:

Choosing the right potting succulent soil is crucial. The best potting soil is a well-draining mix. The best way to prevent overwatering is just by using a good potting mix of porous soil for succulents.
Overwatering is the number one reason for many deaths of succulent plants. So never over water your plant.

Making Potting Soil For Succulents:

The main benefit of making your own DIY succulent soil is, its cheaper when compared with other ones and you need very less ingredients. Additionally, you can modify this succulent soil recipe to get the perfect soil mix that succulents love!

To make our own succulent soil, you will need only three ingredients are shown below:

  • Potting Soil
  • Coarse Sand
  • Perlite Or Pumice

Potting Soil:

It’s better to use light porous soil as your base. Never use heavy garden soils or potting mixes that contain vermiculite or any type of moisture control potting mix that retains water for longer time. Succulents need well drained soil not that holds moisture.

Coarse Sand:

Coarse sand is used to improve the drainage of soil. Don’t use construction sand because they contain skin irritating substances.
Even don’t gather up sand in the beach, it is full of salt. And if you don’t get coarse sand you can substitute poultry grit, which is incredibly affordable. You can easily find them in feed stores which are made up of crushed granite.
You can also use turface which is made up of calcium clay. It is also used to reduce soil compaction and landscaping to improve drainage.

Pumice Or Perlite:

Pumice or perlite holds moisture and nutrients in the soil. It can be used in large quantities. Regular using of pumice need frequent watering depending on the location.

You’ll Need:

  • 3 parts of Potting Soil
  • 2 Parts Of Coarse Sand
  • 1 part of pumice or perlite
  • Take a large bucket or pot and mix all ingredients well using your hands or trowel.
  • That’s it you are ready to grow your own succulent plants in your garden.
  • You can use half of the succulent soil and remaining can be stored in the dark place such as basement.
  • Your succulent soil mixture contains half amount of potting soil and the remaining half should be coarse sand, potting soil and pumice.
  • It’s better to mix it in large amount in advance to plant succulents. Buying them in bulk also saves you tons of money.

Note: Make sure to store your succulent potting soil in an air tight container to avoid pests and bugs. The succulent potting soil can also be used for propagating succulent cuttings.

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