Lemonade With Lavender That Will Help You Reduce Anxiety and Headaches

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No matter how hard we are trying to avoid stressful situations, we must admit that living in modern society means days filled with stress. Everyday issues at work, fixing the family problems and trying to find some time for ourselves means that sometimes we need the day to last more than 24 hours if we want to get some sleep as well.

So, after all, don’t be surprised if the headaches and anxiety become very good friends of yours. They are just a consequence of living in a constant stressed state, trying to find time for everything.

We all have different methods to calm the restlessness in us, but none of them are actually long-term solutions. Having a cigarette after cigarette, drinking a few cups of coffee or having a few more glasses of wine may release the stress temporary, but these habits won’t bring anything good to you in the long run.

What you really need is something very healthy to deal with the side effects of stress. That’s why here we are going to talk about the lavender oil and its powerful properties. This essential oil with its 150 active compounds are a very effective anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and sedation agent.

Another study, made at the University of Florida, shows that lavender oil can also help in lowering the pulse rates and reducing anxiety. It was also found that patients who used lavender-based aromatherapy before the surgery had decreased levels of stress before the procedure. This is a testimony of its sedative properties.

Another thing worth mentioning about the lavender essential oil is the anti-depressive properties that can help you to sleep better.

These are some of the benefits of the lavender essential oil, as discovered in clinical studies:

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