How To Lose Thigh Fat in a Week Without Exercise

How To Lose Thigh Fat in a Week Without Exercise

How To Lose Thigh Fat in a Week Without Exercise

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Without wanting yourself, without eating regimen pills or tricks, even without exercise, it’s conceivable to have more slender, smoother thighs in seven days. That’s plenty of time to get in shape for swimsuit season. The rules must be followed strictly and will require some change in your diet.

There’s no free lunch, after all. The good news is that, not only will you lose inches; you’ll feel better and look better. You’ll be able to follow this regime any time you prefer to lose a few inches or a few pounds. Or you can make these rules part of your lifestyle and continue to lose weight and ameliorate your health long-term.

There are 10 rules to lose thigh fat you need to follow:

1. Drink 2 glasses of good water

(filtered, or spring water) every morning when you first get up, before you do anything else.

2. Drink at least eight more glasses of water throughout the day

Drink an extra glass of water for every cup of coffee, black or green tea that you consume. One cup of coffee or black or green tea per day. Herbal tea is allowed in any amount. No other beverages are allowed.

3. Dispose of everything being equal, with the exception of a ½ cup of dark colored rice permitted every day

That means no bread, oat products, cakes or pastries, or pasta of any kind. No corn or soy products, including tofu. Read food labels!!

4. Take out all sugar or sugar items, with the exception of entire natural product

Stevia is allowed. Stevia is made from a South American plant and is considered a herb. It tastes sweet, but contains no sugar and no calories. Avoid all artificial sweeteners, including Splenda. No corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. No alcohol of any kind.

5. Eat four servings of protein per day

A serving is 3-4 ounces (about the size of your fist). Eggs, chicken, fish, and meat poached, broiled or grilled allowed.

6. Eat unlimited amounts of vegetables, steamed or raw.

7. Eat half as much fruit as vegetables

For example, if you eat 6 cups of vegetables, eat 3 cups of fruit. No juice allowed, only whole fruit.

8. Eat two tablespoons of oil per day, made into salad dressing, or over vegetables or fish/chicken/meat

Virgin olive oil, raw coconut oil, unrefined nut oils, or flax seed oil only. Vinegar or lemon juice may be added to the oil for salad dressing. Herbs and spices may be used for flavoring. You may use a sprinkle of sea salt-be very sparing. No butter or mayonnaise. No nuts or nut butters.

9. Avoid all dairy products milk, cheese, yogurt, cream

The exception is whey protein, which you can use, along with water and fruit, to make protein shakes. You may also use egg white protein powder. If you need the smoothie sweeter, use Stevia. For a frosty smoothie, add ice.

10. Enjoy what you’re eating

This is a “real food” regimen and your body will thank you. The processed, chemical foods most Americans eat are an invitation to chronic disease, so this is an opportunity for your body to get a lot needed nutrients. Try to eat organic food, if possible.

Eat often; don’t let yourself get hungry. This regime will keep your blood sugar stable so that you’ll feel satisfied, as long as you eat every 3 hours. This program isn’t about calories. Eat until you’re fulfilled, adhering to the permitted nourishments. Keep a log of all that you eat and note of your vitality and temperaments.

Whenever you notice that your energy dips at certain hours, have a snack ready so your blood sugar doesn’t dip.

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