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Menstrual cups are not new! 

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Can you believe I used tampons for almost 3 decades exclusively and now the mere thought of using plug products makes my v@gina squeeze? Who would have thought!!

About halfway into my health journey I switched to organic tampons and then to period panties.

I was recently asked to post about the cup and here I am sharing my thoughts about something I do not have any personal experience with nor do I feel like I want to atm.

But that’s the beauty of it all – it may be the best thing that you’ll ever try!!

Menstrual cups are not new! The first menstrual cup patent was awarded in 1867 and the first commercial cup was developed in 1937 by Leona Chalmers!!

Menstrual cups definitely decrease waste since they are reusable, they come in different sizes and Nixit has a no suction version. Most are made from silicone.

Health wise is it better than chemical laden tampons & pads? I’d say yes, but honestly how healthy is it really, it is a plastic after all… (Usually we only find out health risks decades later.)

I do love the idea of collecting our blood for monthly moontime rituals

There was an abstract reported in Obstetrics & Gynecology about dislodged IUD’s with cup use. So make sure to break the seal before pulling it out 😉

In general women with menstrual pain, cramps, clots, heavy bleeding etc. do best without plug products of any kind. As soon as we have something inserted our body goes into holding mode, we can not fully relax, which restricts the natural flow and downward energetic current.

I would love to know your experience!! Share in the comments and tell us which cup you are using.

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