Modern Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

Modern Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

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Every summer the retail stores start to roll out their Halloween items. You can’t help but to be drawn to some of the items to decorate your home. Every year it seems that the stuff is better than the year before. You can’t help but to think, “What will they think of next?”

You can decorate your entire home in orange and black including your bathroom. You have so many decorating options. You can go with just pumpkins and leave your decorations up a little longer than just until Halloween, or you can go with the spooky ghost, witch, and goblins theme. It probably depends on the age of your children and what your parents did as a kid.

Camper shells are sometimes called caps or toppers. It can convert any truck or vehicle into a camper which serves as additional storage for food, camping supplies, and can also used as a sleeping room. It is also an ideal shelter whenever there needed especially during extreme bad weather during travel.

The most common materials used for camper shells are aluminum, steel, thermoplastic and fiberglass. This vehicle accessory is attached on top of the rear bed of a pickup truck. Some models are bigger and have an extended size overlapping the top portion of the cab.

Fiberglass camper shells are not recommended for four wheel drive vehicles because it can easily crack due to impact. The most favored are those made of thermoplastic materials because they are more durable and lightweight.

Fiberglass camper shells are the most versatile because they can be manufactured with different designs and styles. There are also custom made camper shells designed according to the exact size and paint of the truck. Many modern type camper shells come with carpet kit and foam padding.

Most truck owners use camper shells to change the physical appearance of their vehicle but the most practical reason is for the convenience of having ample space of storage for hauling groceries, food and camping tools and equipments.

If you plan to have your truck installed with camper shells, you must remember that this accessory is not totally secured even if it has locks so you must not leave any of your valuables for a long period.

Though manufacturers provide warranties with their products, it still important to take care and maintain your camper shells in order to protect it from damage and help to prolong lifespan.

The rubber collar used to separate the cab from the camper shell should always be cleaned and maintained. Inspect it regularly for any damage and replace immediately when necessary.

Also do regular cleaning with the surface of the camper shell by using soap and water. You must also dry the shell after washing so it will not leave any unwanted spots on its finish. During the winter season, as much as possible remove any snow which builds up on it.

When you purchase your camper shell, do not apply any wax for about 60 days in order not to fade the paint of the body. Use the same brand of wax to your camper shell and your truck. For scratches, use recommended rubbing compounds for your type of camper shell.

The moving parts of the camper shell must also be lubricated with lithium based grease to maintain its functionality. Do not use penetrating oils for the door lock.

Make sure to do a regular inspection on the camper shell to ensure the safety of your vehicle as well as all the goods and equipments stored in the cab.

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