My Dog Jumps on People – How 5 Minutes of Passive Training a Day Can Stop Him

My Dog Jumps on People – How 5 Minutes of Passive Training a Day Can Stop Him

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Jumping up on people can be a natural dog behaviour. Just because it can be natural does not necessarily mean it must be tolerated. As a responsible dog owner, you might have tried several methods without success. This passive training your dog way is simple and takes just 5 minutes every day. It will require some planning. The hardest part though will be the follow-through. You must spend on spending 5 minutes a day for 28 days consecutively. If you miss every day, you start over. I will explain why in a moment.

“You have never seen my dog. He is being a steam locomotive; a steam locomotive on steroids!”

Dogs reply to their environment. A dog will repeat any behaviour which is rewarded. Your mission: stop rewarding jumping up. Can it sometimes be so easy? Yes.

The create: once you get home, ignore your puppy. Do not look at him , nor push him away from you. Do your better to endure normal activities of hanging your coat etc. If your work clothes or shoes are very important this is how some thinking ahead can come in – change clothes before you leave work. It is essential that you make your arrival home BORING. Once your dog settles and moves on to other things, and you’re simply no longer nearby the door, go on and phone him constantly for you. You can talk about to sit and also supply him with a goody if you love. It may take several minutes at first. Your dog may try many new ideas to allow you to respond and participate in the arriving home scene.

Ignore all this.

Rinse and repeat 27 more days. Yes, including weekends. Every time you depart your house are available back. If your dog is in a crate or even a mud room the setup is the same. Completely ignore, once he settles permit him to out. Then vanish.

People will swear to me that they have tried ignoring their dog. Did you catch that? Tried. At some point they offer in. The dog wins. The behaviour continues. Maybe they’ll try again. Maybe they’ll keep going for a little longer before they provide in, but cave in they certainly and the behaviour continues. You must outlast your dog.

It’s kinda like parenting.

To teach your puppy never to better of others: ask everyone who visits within those 28 days to ignore your pet. Why twenty-eight days? It takes our brains that long to re-wire. Your dog isn’t only one learning a brand new behaviour! Good luck.

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