Natural Back Pain Remedy That Relieves Sciatic Nerve Pain in Record Time

Natural Back Pain Remedy

Natural Back Pain Remedy That Relieves Sciatic Nerve Pain in Record Time

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Many people suffer from sciatica that is manifested by lower limb pain. The reason for that is the disturbance of function of the sciatic nerve which is the longest and largest nerve in the human body. This nerve stretches from the lumbar to the feet through the back of the leg, so when left untreated the caused pain can be very painful and unbearable. Natural Back Pain Remedy

The sciatic nerve is also recognized under the name of lancinante, and once it gets triggered at the buttock it starts to spread painfully to the leg, thigh and finally the foot.

There are many pharmaceutical solutions for relieving this pain like painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone infiltrations or through the use of a lumbar belt. However, most of them reveal adverse effects and because of that, it is always better to turn to the use of natural ingredients.

In this article, we shall present to you one that is very efficient in the treatment of sciatica pain. The efficacy lies in the used ingredients that can bring great benefits to the affected person.

According to traditional Ayurveda, garlic milk is a powerful natural remedy that can treat many other ailments.

This remedy reveals potent anticoagulant effect and as a result that supports good blood circulation and keeps the blood warm which in turn alleviates the pain caused by the sciatic nerve. Plus, it will act against the painful joints on neuralgic and muscular levels.

Furthermore, it is high in vitamin E, flavonoids and sulfur compounds that reveal protective properties for the overall health and well-being. It prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases when incorporated in a daily diet.

On the other hand, the presence of turmeric will offer powerful anti-inflammatory effects and in that way alleviate the joint pain and fight off inflammatory diseases.

Here it is how to prepare it:

Recipe of Sciatica Remedy – The Garlic Milk
Needed Natural Back Pain Remedy


1 cup of almond or rice milk
5 garlic cloves
3 teaspoons of turmeric
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
Half a teaspoon of honey

Method of preparation:

First, you need to nicely wash and peel the garlic cloves and then crush them. Leave them to stand for 15 minutes in order for the allicin compound to get released. After that, put them in the robot-mixer and mix them nicely. Next, include the turmeric, rice milk and mix everything once again.

In the end, add the honey to soften the taste of the mixture. Stir it in till you obtain a smooth texture.


Take this mixture two times a day. This intake will soothe the pain and enhance your mobility.


A high intake of garlic is not advised before or after a surgical procedure due to its anticoagulant effect. Likewise, people with porphyria or anemia should not use it. This also applies to breastfeeding women.

In the case of gallstones, turmeric should not be used.

Other Tips for Alleviating Sciatica: Natural Back Pain Remedy

Antoine Barrier, a renowned chiropractor specialized in the management of musculoskeletal disorders, maintains that it is of vital importance to prevent sciatic pain before they occur.

Hence, you need to limit the stress on the lumbar spine that causes long sitting hours. You should implement a physical activity that involves movements of reinforcement of the abdominal strap.

Following yoga is a great way to remove stress is a risk factor for the occurrence of sciatic pain. This practice incorporates a set of postures and exercises for breathing that provide the needed relaxation for the body and mind.

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