Nine Hanging Indoor Plants That Even A Beginner Cannot Kill

Nine Hanging Indoor Plants That Even A Beginner Cannot Kill

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According to the modern age scientists, the color green is the only color that soothes our eyes. But where is the greenery? Anywhere we look, there is a range of black, grey and white with a few mild alterations. The dark visage of the environment is the reason for depression in the minds of the generation. So, how to find green?

Your home can be a wonderful space for green harvesting. Yes, the corner of your wall to the hanging balcony to the kitchen cabinet you can fill your home with a variety of green which will soothe your eyes, soul and give you oxygen at a free deal.

Hanging Indoor Plants

1.Chinese Evergreen

Do you over water your plants? Do you have a tendency to care a bit too much by watering your plants at an increased frequency? Well, Chinese Evergreen is the perfect plant for you. You can water it as much as you want. It has an insatiable need for water which is never quenched. So you can water away. Chinese Evergreen will take it within itself.

2.Chinese Money Plant

Another plant for a beginner in horticulture. Chinese Money Plant is a sturdy plant which will accept abuse from your pet and kid. It will survive in spite of the weather and even if you forget to water them for a long time. Suppose you go on vacation. When you come back, the plant will remain as before. The better side of having this plant in your household that you can take the saplings and plant all over the house.

3.Yucca plant

Yucca is a desert plant. The way to keep Yucca well is to feed it a lot of sunlight. Yucca thrives in the sunlight and needs dryness. If you forget to water it for a number of days it won’t be bothered. The Yucca plant is very sturdy and can exist quite well without much care.

4. African Violets

These are the most trendy Plants for growing within the house. They are beautiful and provide a vibrant hue to the household. The colors are bright and bring a pretty glow to your rooms. The plants need indirect sunlight and moist soil. They are easy to maintain and pretty for your sight. So your drawing room definitely deserves them.

5. Spider Plant

An assortment of grass in your drawing room will indeed make you drawing space a heavenly landscape. This plant requires no maintenance. It is a species of grass. This spider plant reproduces a lot and your house will be filled up with the plantlings. It has shades of green and white and sometimes is tinged with red or purple. The grasses will give you a primal feeling when you look at them and the wildness of their essence will definitely let you plant more and more of their relatives.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe is the best plant for any household. It doesn’t require much management, the plant has very good medicinal values. With sunshine and dryness as simple maintenance factors, it can be grown in any household. Aloe can be used as homemade face packs. It is very helpful for everyone in a home.

7. Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchids are the most common hanging plants in households. They are forgiving in nature and can grow in almost every situation. But if one tends to be caring, they can keep the plant in humid places and water them a bit regularly to keep them in good condition.

8.Christmas Cactus

If you are among the forgetting types, if you are the one who plants something and forgets to take care due to other stress factors or other regular engagements, cactus is the best plant for you. Christmas Cactus is more of a hanging Cactus. You can put it in a pot and in an assortment of wires hang the cactus. The cactus tends to act according to gravity. It is negatively geotropic and makes a curtain around the pot it is planted.

9. Golden Pothos

It is the ultimate plant for growing as a hanging plant in your household. It can be planted in a pot which lets the plant to grow as a large canopy. The plant is apt for growing in the bedroom. It provides fresh air for the bedroom and makes the air clean. The Golden Pothos is a perfect hanging plant for your household.


These are some plants which can be grown and hung in your household. They provide freshness and give a soothing effect to one’s eyes. This is good for the environment as well. Every individual must be conscious of his or her responsibility for nature. Thus, by hanging these plants, one increases the beauty of the household and also assists nature.

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