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frequent urination is a warning sign We find out when frequent urination is a medical problem

The need for urination can be very unpleasant, especially when there is no toilet nearby or when the drive is too frequent. If you wet considerably more than six times a day or more than twice a night, seek advice from a urologist. There are various reasons for this.

The most important thing is to discover the problem earlier
The cause of frequent urination may be increased prostate (in adult males), diabetes, or urinary tract infection.

scientists have discovered when frequent urination is a warning sign!
scientists have discovered when frequent urination is a warning sign!

“The good news is that most of the problems are easily solved if detected early enough,” experts say.

Emptying urine from the bladder through the urethra is a complex process, so it is no wonder that young children need a lot of time to learn how to refrain.

The urine produced by babies accidentally comes out of their bodies. As soon as the urine from the kidneys reaches into their bladder, the bladder-bottom receptors release “chemical messengers” who tell him to throw it out.

Children later learn to use neural pathways that transmit a message to the brain through the spinal cord. When pain arises, things become more complicated.

The bladder must be tightened to eject the urine, while at the same time the pelvic muscles must relax in order to enable it.

Regular exercise can increase insulin sensitivity in your cells and promote the absorption of glucose for energy.

frequent urination is a warning sign.

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