Planting Garlic in the Fall Garden

Planting Garlic in the Fall Garden

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Garlic is an incredibly well-known ingredient in the kitchen and surprisingly easy to grow in the garden. It needs a period of cold temperature for clove to separate and to form ahead of it. However, a little and planning obviously give you abundant garlic harvest without much effort.

Check out the few simple steps of how to plant garlic especially in the fall to harvest as soon as possible with the large bulbs.

How To Plant Garlic In The Fall:

Whenever winter arrives the ground freezes and the plants do dormant. Once the soil warms up in the spring the garlic will start growing healthy when it left off.

Steps to Follow Planting Garlic:

The following steps will guide you to planting garlic in the fall.

  • Prepare Your Growing Bed:

Choose a spot where it gets a maximum of six hours of sunlight each day. Remove weeds and spread some slow-release organic fertilizer, then add 2 inches of finished compost and work it in the top 4-6 inches of soil.

Now dig holes of 4 inches deep and plot 6 cloves if you are using the square foot gardener method.

  • Divide Garlic Seeds:
Planting Garlic in the Fall Garden
Planting Garlic in the Fall Garden

Garlic will be grown from individual cloves, each clove will grow in to the bulb. So after purchasing garlic seeds separate all the cloves before planting.

Choose the largest cloves to grow the larger heads of garlic for the next year. Save the damaged and the small cloves for cooking.

  • Planting :
Planting Garlic in the Fall Garden
Planting Garlic in the Fall Garden

Now, plant each clove in to the hole by flat side down and the pointy end up. Cover and firm the soil completely on it.

  • Mulching:

Cover the garlic with a layer of mulch and water it. Aim for 2-3 inches of mulch to prevent weeds down until the ground freezes.

Once the ground freezes then add another layer of mulch on garlic to insulate soil. It helps in preventing the garlic roots from heaved out of the ground.

When the soil warms up in spring, you will see the growth of garlic through the mulch. Water the garlic bed whenever you feel the soil is dry an inch beneath surface and feed it with fish organic fertilizer if the foliage shows any signs of stress.

If you planted hard neck garlic, then you will have the opportunity to harvest garlic scapes a few weeks before the garlic bulb.

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