Presenting The Most Popular and Accurate Health Test – The FAST Test!

Presenting The Most Popular and Accurate Health Test – The FAST Test!

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Presenting The Most Popular and Accurate Health Test

Heart diseases and heart failures, as well as strokes, are among the highest death causers in the United States. Accurate Health Test

It is estimated that only last year, approximately 795.000 people suffered from strokes. Another statistic estimated that every 5 minutes, a person in the States has a stroke.

Accurate Health Test
Accurate Health Test

However, warning signs of a stroke, which is actually the short term for the cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage, are noticeable the whole 24 hours period before the stroke occurs. 

Though they come suddenly, the body knows what is really going on – we just have to know how to “read” the signs it is sending us.

Here are some of them.

Stiffness in the neck

This actually means that some blood vessels or vessels in the neck have started bleeding out, which caused the stiffness. A simple test is to try touching your chin with your chest. If you’re not able to do this – call 911 immediately.

A sudden and severe headache

Headaches are something that we all suffer from and can be caused by various reasons. However, if you suddenly get a headache without any clear reason, it might be better to check your heart pressure or even go to the nearest hospital or private doctor. Because these headaches are a sign most of the people who survived a stroke are warning us for.

A foot drop

Any kind of weakness, paralysis, numbness that limit the ability to raise up the front part of your foot, maybe the result of a damaged nerve that isn’t taking signals from the brain anymore, because something’s wrong. That’s another clear and early sign a stroke might be around the corner.

High blood pressure

If you’re used to living with high blood pressure, it might be really difficult to predict and prevent a stroke. High blood pressure means being a step closer than the other people to have a stroke, because it can damage the small blood vessels in the brain, causing them to narrow, rupture or leak.

Pain in the shoulders

A numb and sudden pain, that doesn’t go away in your shoulders is also a sign of stroke. Especially if it occurs in the area of your left shoulder, between the shoulder and the neck.


This is also a very common thing we humans feel lately, which is also caused by the excessive use of technology and LED screens. However, fatigue that sometimes can even end up with fainting is a sign that a stroke might occur in just a few hours, so it’s better to alarm people around you or stay close to a hospital for possible intervention needed.

Visual disturbance

If you suddenly have a blur vision, or start seeing colorful dots, or mostly, dark dots, it might be caused by some damaged nerve or cracked blood vessel in the brain, and you should check it with a doctor if it doesn’t go away in a  few minutes.

Paralysis hypoglycemia

This term explains the nerve, or muscle paralyzing caused by a lack of sugar in the blood, which often occurs with patients who are about to have a stroke.

This symptom usually happens at night, right before going to bed or while sleeping, which makes it very hard to detect. But feeling numbness and slight paralysis on one side of the body is an early sign of stroke because each hemisphere of the brain is connected to the opposite part of the body.

Dysfunctions in the right hemisphere would cause paralysis and inability to speak fluently on the left sight of the body and the mouth, and the other way around as well.

In the end, just to leave you with a peace of mind, here is a FAST test to try when you’re in doubt and have some of the previous symptoms.

Accurate Health Test

F = Face: Stand in front of a mirror and see if one side of the face is drooping down?
A = Arm: Can you raise both arms, or is one arm weaker and you’re unable to hold it up straight in the air?
S = Speech: Is your speech slurred or confusing? Can you speak fluently?
T = Time: Time is critical!! Call an ambulance immediately!

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