latest Beauty Diet 2020 The Inside Story

latest Beauty Diet 2020 The Inside Story

latest Beauty Diet 2020 The Inside Story

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latest Beauty Diet 2020 The Inside Story

latest Beauty Diet The Inside Story Never in our wildest thoughts had we imagined that something that we did for our own selfish reasons would end up benefitting thousands of people. We turned to food for Rati’s weight loss out of desperation.

It is not easy to be a new mother, to take care of a baby, have a huge following on social media, and run a business that requires you to look good online. And adding “weight gain” on top of that is a recipe for misery.

That was our state of mind at the beginning of 2019. latest Beauty Diet had gained around 21-22 kg weight during her pregnancy and though she was killing herself in the gym and ‘supposedly’ eating healthy, the pounds were not coming off and that’s when we decided to turn to food to drop all the excess weight.

It did not happen overnight though. What followed were days and days of research- books, online websites, medical journals, and research papers even. I’m an IITian. And I’m an IITian who lovelessness reading :P. So two things that I really do well are – researching to go deep into things, and logically separating the gold from the garbage, and I did just that! There is so much wrong information roaming around regarding food.

It is not easy to make sense of things unless you start from the ground up. Thankfully, we live in an age where information is easily accessible if we spend enough time to look for it. And the good thing is that numbers and logic hold true everywhere, even in nutrition science.

The first diet plan that I came out with, for Rati, is to date our best. Serendipity, I think! And I forced Rati to eat that same food every day. And to prove my point, I joined her in the diet plan. Fortunately, both of us are very strong-willed and if we decide to do something, we do it, without thinking too much about it or making any excuses.

The difference between Rati’s weighing scale was visibly drastic. It was an eye-opener for us! Till that time, we were thinking of a diet as an accompaniment to Rati’s gymming, something that would support her weight loss through the gym. And here we were seeing a weight change that we had never seen happen in a gym even in a year! It was crazy. We were so excited that our research skyrocketed. More books, more online reading, more medical papers. For a month probably, every second sentence would contain “carbs” or “protein” or “fat” or “calories” or any such words… and all this while Rati was losing weight like never before. We had discovered a whole new world; one which was always there but we never believed in it.

To be honest, it was Rati’s idea to share diet plans on the app and I fiercely opposed it. First, and I’m not proud of it, I did not want to share our hard work. We had really worked hard to crack something. Second, there were thousands of diet plans on the net already, why add some more? Third, I was not very confident also; what had worked for Rati may not work for others. I had more arguments to present, latest Beauty Diet but biwi went ahead and shared the diet plan on the app anyway. And that was that! At that time, I was hoping that since there were hundreds of videos on the app, the diet plan video will get lost among them. No one will notice.

The video didn’t ‘get lost’ however. To this day, I still cannot believe the response diet plan 1 video generated. As if the whole universe was waiting for ki “Ek din aayega jab Rati diet plan balayage our ham wahi diet plan follow karenge.” People who never commented on the app started commenting. The whole #ratibeautyarmy came alive. Women joined the app to follow the diet plan. Everyone got excited to join, it was as if the whole city came alive with fireworks!

And just like that, what we were doing in private for our own benefit became a lot of work. Have you seen some movies where a scientist is doing research in peace and then a hard-ass director comes and asks when the final product will be ready? It felt just like that. We would have been happy eating the same food for months, but now we had to make a diet plan 2, then diet plan 3, and so on… that was work. Theory needed to prove itself in practice also.

latest Beauty Diet

This pressure to create new diet plans really forced us to explore food like never before. Fortunately, we knew what to look for and there were thousands of food items that we could choose from. There is never a scarcity of healthy and nutritious food, even when you are on a weight loss journey. We started finding one food after another. And cooking new tasty things every week became a joy. Any person who says, “I’m a foodie and I cannot diet” is just an ignorant fast food junkie who doesn’t know how yummy healthy food can be.

I was still sulky in the beginning for sharing the diet, but my grumpiness started disappearing as women started sending their weight loss stories. The teacher in me took over. For years, it was a source of pleasure and pride to see my students get selected in CAT, but that pride and joy came only once a year. But here we were getting messages every day from women losing their weight, women sending pictures of what they were cooking, women sharing personal stories of their weight loss struggle. In the beginning, it was so unbelievable that women were losing weight that whenever someone would message Rati about losing weight, I would ask Rati to confirm “ye Hamari diet se hi hua hai? Poochie na” and biwi would shake her head and ignore me.

Eventually, peace and blessedness seeped in. We realized that our research and knowledge was going in the right direction. We just needed to keep on learning. Keep learning, keep growing. latest Beauty Diet

I also realized that Rati did the right thing by sharing her weight loss journey. Weight loss needs constant motivation and support, one cannot do it alone. Most people think that all they need is a diet plan on a piece of paper that they would follow and be “size zero” in a month. They have obviously not dealt with uncooperative family members, or friends who would tempt them with unhealthy foods, or weight plateaus that can last for weeks and demotivate them completely. By sharing her weight loss journey, Rati formed a community that pushed her to do more. And by pushing herself to do more, she pushed others to do more. It became a cycle. I told Rati one day “it’s a good thing that you are talking in your videos. People need to hear it again and again. And then again some more.”

Through all this journey, the one thing that fills me with boundless love and gratitude is for people who trusted us and joined us in this weight loss journey. It never fails to amaze me. I am a very skeptical person in life. I cannot digest one thing without logic. Even when a doctor tells me something, I would research and find out whether he is right or not. And if someone comes and tells me “eat this food and you will lose weight,” I would ignore that person outright! And yet, every day, I see people trusting us with their weight loss journey. People having faith that “these people will help us,” is really overwhelming and humbling. It is so easy to ignore people who hate you, but it becomes such a responsibility when someone trusts you. And this is our biggest blessing in life, to see people loving and trusting us every day – as if someone has kept a hand on our heart and said: “I trust you.”

Women send us their weight loss stories all the time! They really make our day! Every woman is so special and unique in her own way. Each has her own reasons to lose weight. Whether trying to overcome PCOS, or trying to conceive, or fighting with diabetes, or just trying to fit into their old dresses. It gives us so much hope and joy to see their success. These ordinary women are superheroes, it’s not easy to lose weight. But these women overcome all odds, make changes in their lives, and stay focussed for weeks and months to achieve their goals. If I’m ever depressed in life, I will go and read our “Beauty diet” diet success stories because they really charge me up. Life can be made better. Life can be good if we fight for it!

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